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    Re: Mud Island secret

    after reading a fair few posts it sounds like the have and have nots both have an axe to grind

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I must Say this cause a mate of mine put me onto this site and i joined because he said it was the top fishing forum in australia

    After reading the crap i have read over the last few days i tend to differ

    Vote one for ########### website i say! At least the fellas there want to help eachother

    You fellas should listen to yourselves

    Grow up its just a freggen hole in a very large ocean and a very large world of fishing


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I can see so many arguments about why this spot should be secret. The only reason is that the people who know about it want to keep it a secret. No one kept it a secret for conservation purposes. People keep spots secret so people other than them don’t go to it and catch “their” fish. So from all this shamozzle I can conclude that the hole holds big fish.

    I have utter respect for nugget and webby, but even they have found about that spot from someone. But if they just somehow found it themselves, individually, then good on you for your find.

    I don’t plan to go and search for the hole, the bay is big and there are other “special” spots. But all these arguments about that people who fish there have “Never” taken fish from there is a little hard to believe.

    I do agree with the argument of breeders, but what about all the other spots in the bay that hold breeding fish.

    I do understand that fishermen who knew about these spots are upset that their spot X is out to the public. I would be upset too, But that’s life.

    Unfortunately we can’t control what other people take with them. I only take what I can eat that night. And that is usually one fish. Most of the time I release all fish I catch, I fish for enjoyment. I am doing my part in keeping the fish stocks up for the future. I hope all do the same.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    i find it hard to believe that it has escaped the attention of fishers until now

    how does a spot like this, in the middle of Moreton Bay stay secret???? Surely lots know about it but just don't bother because they go waaaaaay out past it to get to the 'good' spots a bit like those that are land based & fish in the middle of the channel when all the fish are in the structure at their feet....
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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I am sure that the GPS location will come out eventually. You can get an approximate location with google earth anyway. The hole is not that small either.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    It's already been given a name...............Shakespeare's Hole...............Much ado about nothing


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I stopped by the local chandlery today and had a look at a chart for Moreton Bay
    the "secret spot" is clearly marked for all to see. Reads 24mts, not shown as large as on the new chart, but still plainly visable ,( and has been for a long time I dare say)

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Glad I shot North. Have fun with it boys.


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Lovely day out there today.
    Got to mud island around 0650hrs stayed fishing there til 1030hrs, I did not see alot of boats out. At the same time did not cath any either.

    Maybe this weekend the secret may be out of the bag.

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    Cool Re: Mud Island secret

    how gullable are u . somebody says secret hole in moreton bay everybody jumps.if you truly knew the bay and found the true secrets you would that they show what they want u to see. cant see planes,houseboat,cap kneison,tyres,and other wrecks.time on water is knowledge

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by Damian Loosemore View Post
    how gullable are u . somebody says secret hole in moreton bay everybody jumps.if you truly knew the bay and found the true secrets you would that they show what they want u to see. cant see planes,houseboat,cap kneison,tyres,and other wrecks.time on water is knowledge
    am i missing something here? i cant understand your comment properly.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Well, have read this thread from start to end, and i like a lot of ausfishers i am guessing do not have the time to get out there and scour every inch of Moreton Bay with my sounder. If i were able to get some co-ordinates of a particular spot in moreton bay that would increase my chances of catching a decent fish, then i see no wrong with that! Would i rape it every Friday i have off, definately not, and i would hope that would be the general opinion out there. Armed with a "magic" GPS location, im not sure my success rate would be particularly high anyhow, as so many factors including tides, moons, techniques come into play. As mentioned earlier, I thought this site was about helping fellow ausfishers, yet everyone seems very quiet!! Im off to do some more research, unless someone can help me out.


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I couldn't agree more Mic, in fact I agree so much that I will PM you the GPS marks when I have them completely sorted (this weekend).
    I have been fishing the bay regularly since I got the current boat a bit over 5 years ago for about 5 take home fish, so any leg up I can get I'm using (responsibly of course).
    I also look at it this way, If the EPA do their job properly soon there will be green zones everywhere to protect breeding populations, so this site if left unprotected it will be just another spot to fish, along with some other interesting looking spots on that underwater chart.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I agree with both of you. The good thing is that you can find the approximate location with google. The hole is pretty large so it should be easy to spot. I try to understand why there is such a stink over the revelation of this location. If the location is of such ecological significance why has not anyone bothered to inform the EPA to put green zoning over the location, prior to the site being publicly identified? However, I do agree with comments for people to restrain themselves and not overfish the site. Catch what you can eat and let the rest go. These secret locations are why 2% off fishos catch 90% of fish. But in hindsight if I knew about the spot I would keep it secret too.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    For years I fished a spot in the bay, regularly caught good snapper and red empera (all between 8 and 13kg) all fish where released and it was a well kept secret between a few close mates, well it was until a boat pulled up beside us one day and dropped a camera over the side, the owner of the boat was a member of one of the bays biggest fishing clubs and couldn’t weight to go back and show all his mates the footage…..within 6 weeks the area was decimated . that was a few years ago now , it was a breeding area and now is a desert.

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