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    Re: Mud Island secret

    did anyone heard on fri news on 9 or ten
    said mark were posted on website
    as they had so many requests


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by Nugget View Post
    I have never kept a fish from this hole ever. Although I know a few others that have won competitions from here.

    My theory is they are breeders that need to be released. I hope others feel the same way.

    Nugget ><>
    couldnt agree with you more dave...but in my point of view its the blokes that go and pull these big breeders out of there just to win a bit of money on a tournament, and a little fame that are the standout ********, and deserve a fast moving pellet of heavy metal. dave, u would know exactly what happened to a private body of tidal estuarine that got released to public there about 6 yrs ago and then everyman and his dog was lookin for the dinosaur grounds. i hear nothin of that place now....fished out?? or fenced off??but i do know it got well and truly hammered for a while....and you and i both know that the tournament guys were doin the same thing...pulling trophy fish out of there week after week...just for there 15min and a few $$$$$.i never went lookin..i used to fish "jurassic bank" same fish quality but found it myself(much more satisfying)... and still is(was).. havent been fishin that area for 2yrs....

    to pull a fish out of anywhere purely to win a comp knowing its gonna taste like salty rubber is a JOKE in my opinion...but the comps/sponsors keep promoting this slaughter of breeding fish...$$$$$...pelagics aren't as much concern to me as many are much faster growers and are very migratory...snapper are "migratory" but theres still that theory of the "homing" fish, which im a strong believer of...hence my option never to fish comps! the worst thing is, these guys go to sleep at night thinkin there good blokes....and great fisherman! may be true for some ppl but to me it could not be anymore wrong. each to their own i spose.

    its a crying shame the "hole" was released but as many have said theres plenty of spots like that in the uncle has no drama pullin a 25lb Snapper no more than 100m from big big bar crossing...just well earned knowledge from 40 yrs of trying allows him to do such things. and guess what....RELEASES ALL snapper over 60-65cm...thats why he can go back when he pleases and catch the things. If he'd registered for Strad Classic for the past 20 yrs i'm POSITIVE he would have won multiple times...but thats not what his out to do. and 99% of his larger fish are pulled from shallow more than 15m of water. so who needs the "hole" anyway. check out smallunit, perfect example of a well seasoned fisherman who releases his BIG fish to fight another day(could be him fightin em again one day). im sure he knows the good feelin you get when you see that fish swim away. its unexplainable. hope your not a comp fisher unit .

    why this talk of my uncle and unit you say....well i truly think there is a lot of blokes on this site just like them that have respect for the water they're fishing in and more importantly the fish they catch, and wish to catch in the future. if they wanna try the "hole", let em go, probly better off them C&R rather than keeping it to win a trophy.

    I truly hope the greater fishing GOOD prevails and ppl dont exploit this hole (and the rest of the bay) for what it is. go catch a big one for the rush...fair enough...keep a feed of good eating size fish....swim the biggens to fight another day.

    as the old saying goes....

    dont destroy what you came to enjoy.

    just my opinion( i swear i could have just kept typing and typing on this topic but i just start to frustrate myself....and everyone else at a guess)


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by SgBFish View Post
    I can't seem to be able to download it could someone send it to me please.

    Heya SgbFish

    This site has it bottom of the page.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I think if EPA/DPI or any other govt. agency has a brain they will take the findings of the study and close this sink hole ASAP. It is obviously of SIGNIFICANT ecological importance. I wonder if a moratorium green zone is possible. Id rather that area be closed down and have the paddock area reduced significantly. I am biased though. I would prefer to chase and catch pelagics over reefies in the bay. It has been there a lot longer than most of us and we shouldn't go fill it with lead, plastics and a couple of km's of mono/braid just because the latest news has opened up a slaughter on a well kept secret. I just seen the map and my god...there will be some exploration trips coming up that won't resemble Mad Max and the Thunderdome on the water. Anyway, as the law stands, it is there and people now know about it. This thread will probably go well short of making a difference to the outcome.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Correct me if you think I'm wrong but even giving away a GPS point doesn't mean you're going to catch fish.
    A mate gave me his GPS point in the Bay so I could get started but I still am lucky to get a fish like he does, because there are so many other variables, but I'm learning. I've seen people anchored 10m around us not catching fish while we've pulled in a few. I've also seen good fishos pull up a fair away from us and get a good feed.
    Unless you're a seasoned fisho of the Bay I believe this 'sink hole' is of little significance to the weekend warrior.
    I've seen good fish come out of Harries but do you think I can get one? BUT I WILL GET THERE ONE DAY!!!! (I hope).

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    thats a fair haul to get there but still it sucks when your secret gets out to the masses.
    also they still need to knwoledge to fish it properly

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    So who ravaged the sink hole on the weekend?

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I drove past it twice on Sunday, no one sitting on it.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Yeah drove past it early Sunday morning then later that morning. No one there, Harries and th Rubble ground N/E of Harries was like Bunnings on a Sunday

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    We passed it coming and going from Cowan and it was empty. Maybe all the fish have been caught

    All the other usual suspects needed a reservation to get near anything like structure. I could not believe Harries. 25 boats with almost all anchored. We had a couple of short drifts pulled a Squabbly from the outside edge and headed for home.
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    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Ive been thinking about going to harries for some time now as ive never been, but if its a car park like everyone says ill just stick to the places i know.
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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I'm a late arrival to this thread, and have just downloaded the map. It's very impressive.

    Just to clarify, are we talking about the small hole to the north of Mud, or the big hole 2/3rds of the way to the sandhills?

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by 25_ponies View Post
    I'm a late arrival to this thread, and have just downloaded the map. It's very impressive.

    Just to clarify, are we talking about the small hole to the north of Mud, or the big hole 2/3rds of the way to the sandhills?
    The one over near the sand hills

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I wouldnt be too concerned, most fishos will hit on the wrong dates and times like me and catch nothing than go back to there normal areas.Its just like the barra holes in that sth qld river...

    Oops did i say that out loud? ahahah

    I know they are there i have seen one, but catch one thats another story...

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by lippa View Post
    i wouldnt have heard about it either if it wasnt from this site.
    from the link posted, google earth and my marine charts i now have it down to round 1 square kilometre. but still its only a spot that will be phucked in no time. you wont have to search for the "hole" now. grab some worms and have a fish at the sand hills for whiting on sunday. youll pass by a 100 boats throwing sinkers at one another!


    have to admit I'm in the same boat.. wouldn't have known a thing if it weren't for this thread

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