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    Re: Mud Island secret

    I don't reckon that perfectly round hole two thirds of the way between Mud and Moreton is what the ones in the know are talking about.
    I have sounded all over it, it has gently sloping sides going down to over 90 ft, no drop offs, no structure and no fish, although I did catch a black tip reef shark there.

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    good on ya moorie, Part of fishing is trying to work out how the fish thinks, catch it out, hook it, bring it up to the surface, (the better the fight the more we enjoy it). take it home if you want a feed, if ya too lazy to clean it, release it for someone that is hungry.
    I have heard of people going up to fraser with a deep freeze and generator, catching who knows how many talior or whatever, filling the tuckerbox to the top, and it 6 months feeding them to the cat.

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