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    Mud Island secret

    Unfortunately, a very well kept Mud Island secret is out of the bag.
    A Government funded company doing 3D mapping of the Moreton Bay seabed have discovered a 24m sink hole at Mud Island.
    The drop off / ledge into it has produced some amazing fish in past years snapper, cod, parrot, grassies.
    Unfortunately, a requirement of the grant is that the mapping company have to make their findings public.
    In the next few days it will make the Tv, radio and print news I know Channel Ten are doing a story on it I think it will go to air during the news on Thursday night.
    I am very disappointed this is going to be public knowledge the place will be decimated.
    I have never kept a fish from this hole ever. Although I know a few others that have won competitions from here.

    My theory is they are breeders that need to be released. I hope others feel the same way.
    I'm probably asking in vain but Please... Please show some restraint - it's one of the few places in the Bay that XOS breeders can hide.

    Nugget ><>

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    dosent sound to good nugget..
    never herd of this hole before but now it seems like its gunna cop a flogging

    i agree pls everyone catch and release.
    "True Blue"

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Wow, i thought i had sounded the place out thoroughly and i had a good idea, obviously not.
    P.S.- Which side?

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Nugget - your right: the place will be decimated.....unfortunately not all will read this thread and consider catch and release.....

    I don't know where this hole is but unfortunately the fishing stocks will definitely be affected in that area.....

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Just look for the 100 boats crammed together near mud and you will know where it is
    Well actually, give it a day or two after the word is out and I'm sure the spot will be earmarked for greenzone
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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Maybe it should be a green zone. If it is a definite refuge for breeders then it makes sense to make it off limits

    A Proud Member of
    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Quote Originally Posted by Horse View Post
    Maybe it should be a green zone. If it is a definite refuge for breeders then it makes sense to make it off limits

    Are the larger Snaps, Cod, Grassies proven to be " Breeders " in the same way large Flathead are females?
    How much research has been done on the life Cycle of the in shore reef species?

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    well thats just great,

    why do the media have to release this info, when obviously people are just gonna swarm there and rape the place. Bloody ratings,storys and being number one is all they care for!

    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Hi everyone,
    This is the first i have ever heard of this hole... does anyone know if they are actually going to show its location and everything or if they are just going to show the underwater 3D images of the sinkhole?
    Hopefully they don't give away the actual location of it because like everyone said it would get cleaned out in no time...
    I don't know where it is but i would rather not know its location and have no one else know where it is except the people who already fish there to keep it a solid breeding ground to stock the rest of the bay...


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    The media will release it for one Every second of storytime will add to thier fortunes whether it is newsworthy or not, whether it should be openly displayed or not, they will air it. Morality is a foreign word or concept to any form of media.

    There are several other sink holes in SEQ that are just idly keeping to themselves. It is very surprising where some are.


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    Re: Mud Island secret

    too late guys it just went to air on 10 news tonight and now that it is public knowledge it's at mud Is it's only a matter of time till it's flogged out.
    nice work.....NOT

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    Just saw the preview for the news tomorrow night and they have shown an aerial shot of Mud - people will find it......

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    thanks for telling us about it

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    dammit that really sucks! poor fishys, mabye we should go catch em and put them somwhere els, so no one can find em mwuahahahaha.

    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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    Re: Mud Island secret

    what channel and what time anyone know?
    "True Blue"

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