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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    Quote Originally Posted by samsnap View Post
    Hey Kev
    Where did you fit that in!! I will have to drop in one day & show the little one - she still wan't to see the other tanks I told her about - great looking tank!! Hope you have a great Easter.
    Lv Sammyxxx
    It's in the lounge with the other tanks mate..................the lounge is now re-named the "contemplation room"

    You have a good easter too and call by anytime.


    See my fish photography here:
    Quality digital copies free to Ausfishers............use as wallpaper or can be printed......size up to 20 x16. PM for details.

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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    BOO!.....Yes i'm back! But with updates and Video's, well mainly just video's.

    You are all probably sick of my spamming lol meh life goes on...

    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    I had a marine setup until I lost power for 5 days in the Oct2008 gap storm. Was a thing of beauty!

    Just have never gotten around to getting it back up

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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    Here's my Marine fish... Coral Cod, Lion fish and Snow Flake Eel.. Every thing else got eaten...

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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    wont let me know post up other pic's

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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    Hi all

    Look need help locating some plants for the tank. Anyone know where i can get it maybe Wholesale. Sick of paying through the nose for tiny clumps of crappy stuff that doesn't last in your tank anyway.

    Would love foxtail and anything else that will last.
    Please help as i have 3 tanks at present and need lots of plants.


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    Re: Show Us Your Aquarium Fish....Past & Present

    There's some beautiful tanks in this thread esp. the marine tanks, absolutely stunning. Unfortunately they are but a dream for me right now - way to expensive initial costs! One day

    Anyway here are my contributions (freshwater). I like plants just as much as fish so like to combine the two factors as best I can. Only have small tanks atm (still living at home) so am limited to what I can do and what type of fish I can keep (mainly small delicate types)

    This was my old tank which had a variety of plants and hengeli rasboras

    This is my current tank (work in progress), which has neon rasboras and ruby tetras but they seem to all be hiding when I took the photo.

    some fish I've had in the past:

    And lastly this was Kermit, not a fish, but does live in a fish tank. Great Murray Cod bait! jks

    Ronnie: Hi mate what type of fish do you keep? Some fish are very destructive towards plants so you have to choose the right plants. Also MANY of the plants you get at the pet/aquarium stores are actually not true aquatic plants and will eventually die in the tank, so watch out for them.

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