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Thread: Pin Bar first run.

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    Pin Bar first run.

    Took the old girl down the pin for a run for the first time.Donk has to go up a pin but after a total refit myself including building the pod for her i'm happy. And after 9 months of owning a wreck and not getting a line wet i'm getting closer ... 2pac paint then she is done...

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

    looks good Darryl , congrats on a job well done

    catch up soon

    ... i only work to support my fishing addiction.....

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

    That's a big deal! After so long and working from a wreck, congrats on getting her wet!

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

    Well done Darryl - Pin looks nice n sloppy

    How about some boat pics up close

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

    Yeah will do Greg, i just come inside from putting a set of outriggers on her. Should hopefully be getting my lowrance gear mid next week as well. With the 200 yammie i was getting a litre a klm but wont know exact fuel until next week.

    I would post some pics of her now but she is to the brim with camping shit.Why i even bother with 3 girls amazes me.The stuff they bring is a pile of smelly ka but that's life.

    Pin was real ordinary, it was the only time ive shot down there and not crossed it.New boat and pretty sloppy as well meant i wasn't confident on the day but still played a bit.

    Gidday Jas, long time no hear mate, hows life treatin ya?

    Cheers FNQ, it's an old haines 213c and after the run on sunday all the itchin and scratchin memories seem to be fading.

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    Re: Pin Bar first run.

    congrats mate. I'm hoping to get to the pin soon in my 3.4m 15hp dinghy
    Of course wont be going anywhere near the bar!

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