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Thread: Sounder Shows

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    Sounder Shows

    Was looking through a few pics of fish and snags on the sounder I've taken over the last year or so and thought I'de see what other people have got. There's nothing better than getting a big show and nailing the fish off it.
    1st Pic-A school of nice threadies we found swimming through some nasty stuff. Hooked plenty trolling.
    2nd-A bait ball about to be eaten by trevors in lake intrepid on the goldy. Nailed a nice fish on a popper bout 10 metres after this showed up.
    3rd-These turned out to be jewies. very hard to hook prob due to the water depth.
    4th-A nice log between the lakes at noosa. This snag seems to always hold a jack.

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    Re: Sounder Shows

    hey mate,

    try this thread as well

    Lot of info and pictures already in there.

    Nice camera you've got there

    --- soon to be fishing my way around Oz. Check my blog at

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    Re: Sounder Shows

    Mate, You have the spots keep it up, I love that 4th picture wish I could fish it..

    Cheers Tom

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