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    Talking Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    I heard on fm104 a couple of times today there is a tackle/camping sale on. They are saying brand names like Shimano, penn and Silstar upto 50% off.
    Its at Morayfield. They say the road name is Williamberry Drive which i think is behind the Morayfield shopping centre. I went to a sale last year up there and it was in the old ######### shop.
    Hopefully there will be some good deals to be had
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    a lot of it is older product that they are clearing out, will be below, at or just above cost.

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    Fishing Tackle sale, Morayfield...???

    Have heard a few ads today(guess advertising get me in) about a huge? sale at Morayfield this weekend.
    If this sale is like any of those massive clothing ones they SUCK you into at the Convention centre....beware. They might be saying big brands but I bet that it'll 'all be gone' by the time you get there and the remains for the majority of the sale will be cheap imported crap, probably Piranha rods etc
    I could well be wrong but I am not driving all the way over there just to satisfy my couriosity

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    Re: Fishing Tackle sale, Morayfield...???

    Went to one in the same spot last year and it was well worth the effort quality gear at low price .
    lucky i live just around the road i will go tommorow and let you know

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    Re: Fishing Tackle sale, Morayfield...???

    I haven't heard the add and missed out last time. Where is it and what time?


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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days


    Starts tomorrow time unknown, but i'd guess 8 or 9 am?

    As per spiros post, it's all of @mart @llsports oldish stock, will be quality at good prices


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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackened View Post

    Starts tomorrow time unknown, but i'd guess 8 or 9 am?

    As per spiros post, it's all of @mart @llsports oldish stock, will be quality at good prices

    That's fair then. Reason I made my comment was that my better half dragged me to one of the so called clothing sales at the Convention Centre one time, you know the ones with the idiot announcer(obviously form NSW ) who yells at you; all the stuff they had was utter crap and this sale sounded just like that.

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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    went there today and bought lures,jigs,hooks and some camping stuff. have some idea of what some stuff like rods and reels are worth cause there is some gear that isnt marked down. Well worth the look
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    Went this arvo and had to leave before I needed to ring the bank....
    Boxes and boxes of lures, squidgies for $3.99, Berkleys $4.99, hardbodies (Halco, rapala etc.) all sorts of sizes $7.99. Snapper 2 hook rigs (3 pack mustards) $1.
    Most other stuff is about 15-20% off from what I could tell.
    Well worth a trip.

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    Fisherpeople being caught ?

    Hello fishers,
    I am not sure of the Ausfish rules about advertising & posting web links. So I will be deliberately vague.
    I bought a couple of Rapala lures the other day for $17.00 a piece. Bought a collapsible 300mm plastic “Sure Catch” bait bag for $30 & started thinking these prices are getting ridiculous. The same shop sold reasonable looking “Sure Catch” fishing reels starting at $25.
    The point I am trying to make is obviously there is something wrong when you can buy a reel for the cost of 2 lures.
    I suspect almost all our fishing gear comes from Asia & in particular China. For high cost & low weight items, why would you manufacture anywhere else?
    I have found a Chinese wholesale manufacturing site that sells brilliantly priced fishing gear. Some of it is absolute rubbish & some of it looks like the stock we normally buy at 25% the price. But because it is whole sale, you tend to have to have a minimum purchase of 50 lures or 10 fishing reels.
    An example is 70 Rapala lures for $A200 add on $30 shipping (guess) & $3.30 a lure.

    Not as good as it sounds, comes in a kit of all shapes & sizes. So 60% you may not be able to use.
    I am not interested in profiting from this information, well I am. I would like to have a seasoned fisher professional have a look at the site. Verify that they are the items we pay through the nose for. The Photos supplied on the site should hopefully verify the product.

    Then split a couple of purchases, I don’t need 10 rods or reels, but I could certainly use 5 good rod / reel combo’s & a heap of tackle.

    If anyone is interested pls send a message otherwise, search “wholesale products from China”, not an obvious answer, but very findable.

    Cheers Tim

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    Re: Tackle Sale on tomorrow for 5 days

    well mrs choppa doesn't really need to know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    well worth the look if your chasing gear,,,,, and going by the amount of people there i think i found the reason why the ramps at home are empty this morning,,,

    thank god chopjr doesn't read the paper is all i can say,,,,but he didn't miss out,,,, 99% of what i got is for him to lose,,,,,,,,,,,, again ,,,

    after all thats what granddads are for isn't?????????????

    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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