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    Re: Shovelnose Sharks?

    Caught literally hundreds of 'em off the beach over the years while chasing more desirable species. Have tried eating them, personally can't come at 'em, prefer a wobby any day!
    The big white-spot variety can be a brute to free from the shorebreak, tho' not as evil as a large eagle ray.
    Unfortunately wobbies are a 'no take' species for rec fishos down here nowadays.
    The pros still trap them inshore, they are marketed under the 'flake' banner.

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    Re: Shovelnose Sharks?

    Ate one last night, been catching them for a while. Nice to throw in the esky as a little boost to the fishing yield. As previously stated, cut off the tail straight away, as with al sharks (even if its a ray due to the gills the thing is just like a shark in most other aspects) Now the head is massive so if you need to cut it off (not that difficult) check out YOUTUBE for some demonstrations on how to skin a shark fairly easy really. great flake.

    "There is certainly something in fishing that tends to produce a gentleness of spirit, a pure serenity of mind."

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    Re: Shovelnose Sharks?

    Greetings all!

    Usually catch them whilst fishing pillies or larger cut baits on the botom in sandy areas.

    I throw most back as they are a bit of a hassle to gut, fillet and skin.

    If you do throw them back, don't swing them by the tail as this usually breaks their spine (a small click just before you let go!) and they die anyway! Hold then by the tail with another hand on their underside and throw them back.

    Best regards, Rob.

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    Re: Shovelnose Sharks?

    Don't know too much about cleaning or taste of the shovely.... but my experiences have always involved a few beers, block of pillys or squid at night on low tide and you cant go wrong

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    Re: Shovelnose Sharks?

    We used to call them sand flathead , when we didnt catch anything at camping trips at moreton we would have sand flathead for dinner . squid works well but you will get them on anything fished on the bottom the only problem is , where there are shovel noses there are sting rays so be ready for lots off rays if you are targeting them .
    nigelr . the only 2 sharks protected in qld are great whites and grey nurse sharks . i have always believed they were protected but there was question about it on another thread , so when the fisheries pulled us up in the pine a few weeks back for a fish and saftey check i asked her about it and she told me they are not protected and gave me a booklet with legal sizes and whats protected .

    cheers nico
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