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    Best Way To Cook A Fish

    I find the best way to cook any fish is to gut it and put salt and pepper in and fill it up with fresh or minced garlic then wrap it in alfoil and put it in the oven and leave till cooked.................. and enjoy

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    Fillet it, skin it, debone it, crumb it, deep fry it.
    I didn't know there was another way lol


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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    When I catch my next fish i'll cook it whole with onion/tomato/garlic/pepper/salt/lemon in an alfoil pouch.
    The cleaned and scored fish will have some garlic in it + salt/pepper/lemon juice on the outside then laid down on a bed made of the onion and tomato slices.

    I'm excited

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    if you are going to add a thousand bits and pieces like onions and garlic and so on, might as well just buy some frozen Basa (catfish), BUT if you have good quality fresh Fish, then a roll in flour (the fish that is) and some HOT oil will see ya done real quick, followed by Crumbs, then Batter in that order (not all at the same time!) a bit of simple salad or some chips and you have a meal fit for a King (or a fisherman)

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    i would microwave my fish whole until cook and dip with sushi sauce( with lime juice added) and a couple of VB's.

    Or if ya gain, eat like the cook islanders. Grab the fish and bit chunks off.

    IT doens't get fresher than that.

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    clean it , put shallots, garlic, butter and wrap in alfoil throw on the barbie, sevre with chips salad and or rice

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    The taste test for me is to Dust the fish in some flour that has been seasoned with ground rock salt and ground black pepper, and a pinch of curry powder, then shallow fried. if its a fine flesh fish like orange roughy or flounder, or ling, then i like em steamed with a light asian style sauce. I use the stronger, oilier fish like mullet, salmon, yellowbelly for the curries and heavy sauces. Then there is Sashimi, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, great for the tunas, snapper, bream, dollies, trevally. Though whole mullet, dont scale or clean it, chucked in the embers of a campfire, is to die for.......dont knock it till you have tried it.....its the preferred method of the old pros who had their choice of any fish.



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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    I know I'll cop flack for this but namasu Sashimi or Sushi (raw) will offer the freshest flavour.........but a word of warning!!; if you want to experience the best flavour in seafood and consume fresh raw fish, you better know how to identify whether the fish you caught can be eaten by humans. With that said I still recon its
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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    I rarely keep fish for a feed, but when I do I usually cook it in foil. Then a little salt.
    I like to taste the fish in it's simple form and my wife is fairly health consious. We went out home (Chinchilla ) at Christmas, I caught a bunch of eeltail catties, Mum does the whole rolling in spiced flour bit and in the pan until golden..My wife absolutley loved it, and she's fussy as hell when it comes to fish. She couldn't believe that such an ugly fish could taste so good. I guess that cooking fish for over forty years is bound to produce good results.
    Any method done with a little care can produce a great feed.
    I'm keen to try whiting as sashimi on a roll of's supposed to make good sashimi. I'll let you know.

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    on a roll of rice is sushi, sushimi is straight raw with a dipping sauce of soy and mirrin, with wasabi paste...........and yes ..whiting is superb this way. Also good as sushi.


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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    still not a huge fan of the ever increasing popular method of Sashimi, but each to their own, I just reckon a well cooked, quality Fish, with no added crap, is the best by far, had a very nice snapper Fillet last night, with just a dusting of Flour, into the very hot oil, some Salt when cooked, done! my wife had hers Asian style, and even though it was OK, would have been just as OK if it was some store bought frozen thing!

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    The alfoil pouch is the most versitile i reckon,, u can do whole or fillets, basically cant dry it out because all the moisture is retained inside, stuff or dress the fish in wat ever u want, I like to do mine stuffed with salt pepper capsicum tomato shallot olives and capers with lemon juice and a tablespoon or two of olive oil. once its cooked you've still got all the wonderful juice left in the bag (if youve made it right)

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    Hmmm my favourite is grilled barramundi and beer battered trevally

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    Re: Best Way To Cook A Fish

    A couple of lemon slices in the guts, wrapped in foil, and slow baked.

    Beautiful, had a whole blue salmon like that last year. About the best fish I've had I reckon.

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