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    Re: Fish Breeding Volunteers

    im keen to help out too but i dont have my set up any more and all the tanks iv got now are too small. but i can help with knowledge. i use to work at the aquaculture canter in darwin for about 6 months (volunteer work), and we bred barra and golden snapper there and i loved it, my main job there was counting algae, scrubbing tanks, feeding fish, taking salanaty tests, checking for disease, takeing spurm and ovum samples and meanie other jobs. i bred fish at my house too at the time, so iv got a little idear on what im doing.
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: Fish Breeding Volunteers

    count me in, not much experience (but kissed a few flathead in my time) but enthusiastic.
    Jimbo (nortimunki at gmail)

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    Re: Fish Breeding Volunteers

    Sorry about lack of replies guys, got a few projects on the go at the moment. We are getting close now. Need to go collect brood stock rainbows very soon. Firetails are already done.

    A friend of mine has stepped up to take on the role of coordinator long term on the project.

    Hopeful this will still lead to some other opportunities on other larger challenging fish.

    Will send PM's

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