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    Port River Power Station - Mulloway

    Hi, i was wondering if a boat can access the water around the torrens island power station hot water outlet?

    I want to take my tinie there and fish for mulloway, if i could have some tips that would be great!

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    Re: Port River Power Station - Mulloway

    G'day BillyMako,

    Mate i used to fish that area orund 15years ago. It was roped off but could get pretty close at night. There is security-wait for a patrol to pass first. Gets pretty turbulant at low tide so caution is needed. Grab a map of the general area. The inlet pipes used to produce well for us. The prawns get stuck on the racks and are an easy target for the fish.
    By far my favourite spot was a place called "swan alley". A couple of mile from the outlets. Mangrove creek. Fished well at low tide around 1st quarter at night. 15 trips in a row without missing was our best.

    Good luck. Used to love the place.

    Cheers Scott

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    Re: Port River Power Station - Mulloway

    Howdy Billymako,
    Used to fish that spot when I was a kid off the rock wall and remember it being roped off also.Never pursued the mulloway in a big way.Spent my childhood on the Port River fishing with my Pop and Cousin off the wharfs and the rocks on either sides(I think thats why fishings in my blood).We used to catch some monster bream on tube worms and love catching juvenile salmon at certain times of the year.Is the bream fishing still going strong?
    Reel Scream looks like you migrated north aswell!!!

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    Re: Port River Power Station - Mulloway

    For sure Mex. Tassie then cairns, newcastle now Bribie. Staying here. Love the fishing here although i miss the taste of those King george whiting.

    Cheers Scott

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    Re: Port River Power Station - Mulloway

    please mark good spots for me

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