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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Its all horses for courses I reckon. I have a collection of overheads, spinning reels and Alveys. When I troll outside I use the reel that suits - not the Alvey. When I flick plastics the same thing.

    Buit as an interesting aside. I grew up with Alveys. Never had drag models. I was always a bait fisher. Used them for 30 years. Then a tackle store convinced me to join the 20th century and sold me a spin reel. The more I used it the more I liked it. In particular it showed me that I had probably been too heavy handed for 30 years. Not that I lost a lot of fish - but when I did it was a good one. You never lose tiddlers. So I moved on to spinners and overheads for the past 15 years.

    Then a funny thing happened. I went bream fishing with Pinhead and dragged out the old Alveys. What fun. Next time I bait fished I did the same. I now find myself using them almost exclusively when I bait fish. Why - because there is just such a blast having that direct contact with a good fish and using your skill to palm the reel and keep the fish under control.

    So would a Stella catch more. Dunno - but I would hate to spend that money only to find myself reaching for the Alvey all the time - just for the sheer fun of it.

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    actualy it havs baught me quite a few alvies and other stuff.


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