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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Noelm what i said was not meant to be a personal attack on any singular person I was just stating what i think are the facts. If you took it that way I'm sorry you took what I have said out of the context of what was meant. Of course two hooks next to each other with the same bait are not going to make a difference to the size number of fish you can "hook", though there is no way you can honestly tell me that there will not be a difference in the ability of the size and number of fish you CAN "land" using a alvey vs any high end reel. This is just the age old why should i pay so much for something argument. It was just a bad comparison. Thats life isn't it some people can afford things some people can't so you make do with the hand you deal yourself in life. Though when it comes down to it your high end reel worth $1000 is going to give you more ability over any cheaper reel all day 367 days a year, that doesn't mean you should not go fishing and enjoy yourself if you cant afford a stella. By the way noelm I think its great that you aren't technophobic, for after all if we aren't learning we may as well be dead. By my calculations your 8" alvey is going to bring in roughly 64cm per revolution give or take for rough conversions of SI units and a rounded pi while your stella 10000 brings in around 113cm per cranking revolution. This doesn't even take into account the ergonomics of using both reels which is a whole new element to the discussion.
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    nah, never took it personally and do agree that better gear is better to use, I was just pointing out what was asked in the question (as I understood it) It was asked if an Alvey using the same line and other stuff will get more fish than a high priced reel, in which case the answer was and still is NO, but if asked what would be nicer to use or feel more comfortable after a few hour, then the wanswer would have been different, don't worry about "attacking" me, I am used to it now, never was afraid to say what was on my mind even if it is completely the oposite to the "mainstream"
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    I think that buying a $1000 stella is because you need it.
    Now have a look at some of the fishing that takes place in different states.
    Are you going after eg: tuna.well to catch one in SA you would have to fish at port Lincoln,if you fish the Adelaide waters you won’t find tuna..
    i buy the gear that suites that type of fish your chasing.Would I buy a stella>NO as a $400 reel is good enough for this place..
    move to tuna country then YES..
    Chase sharks in SA then an avley will bring them in..

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    lets see how the alvey 650bc handles those massive samson fish in WA in over 100ft of water.
    or putting a jig down to 20+ kilo gt on a wreck.
    there is no way an alvey is anywhere near a stella or saltiga. no mater who says oh but i caught a 20kg kingy on an alvey once bla bla bla.
    yes the old alvey has caught its fair share of fish but the stella 10,00 and 20,000 was disigned for serious ofshore work were no other reel can do the job.
    i would love to see 2 guys one with an alvey and one with a stella or saltiga fish sor some BIG hard running and dirty fighting fish over structure.
    an alvey isnt even in the same compatition as a stella!
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Bring Your $1000 Stella up to Fraser for a week's hard core beach fishing and see what it is like after a good dunking in the surf and sand. cheers Wayne.

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    The Fraser beach fishing is not a reef, but I get your point Youngy, even still I swaped my Alvey's for TSS4's for use off the beach 20 years ago .

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Quote Originally Posted by youngy View Post
    Bring Your $1000 Stella up to Fraser for a week's hard core beach fishing and see what it is like after a good dunking in the surf and sand. cheers Wayne.
    stella was not made for beach fishing.
    also i said serious fish not 4kg tailor! my 2000 sol can handle them!

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Cannot see why the correct Alvey wouldn't be a match for the stella offshore for reef fish, the single deciding factor for me would be high gunnels with alveys just don't work well, the correct alvey really rips a weigheted line in but who doesn't use a pump retrieve when onto a good fish at depth anyway?

    cheers fnq

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Another important point - I wouldn't like to be running braid on an Alvey, I've got stuff all fingers left as it is!

    edit: Not that I don't like Alveys - I have half a dozen including ancient little wooden and bakelite ones up to big lever drags. It's horses for courses
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    I have used an alvey for reef fishing and also use my torsa I think people would be surprised how easy the alvey does pull up fish and yes I use braid

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    wooops I forgot one extra thing for Budge, how much line do you think an 8" Alvey would retreive in one revolution compared to any spinning reel with a spool diametre of about 2", by the way I am not a Technophobe in any way!
    The Alvey would retrieve about 90cms ! The saltiga dog fight retreives about 1.5 m per turn! Plus the alvey is heavier and cannot match the drag of the other reels so although you would hook the same fish you wouldn't land as many! Laying braid on a alvey would be dangerous and cuts would happen , that of course is if you still had the energy for fighting the fish after trying to inpart action into your jig using a 8 inch alvey.

    For general reef fishing Alveys are fine( maybe a little heavy) but once you get into other area's no way. As for handlining againg good, but imagine tying a jig to 80lb braid and handlining that!!
    Alcohol doesn't agree with me, but i sure do enjoy the argument!!!

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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    They are different tools for different jobs. You wouldn't see a serious beach fisherman using a stella, because salt ruins everything. Equally you wouldnt see someone jigging or doing serious shallow water game fishing with light lines and an alvey.

    I am a dedicated alvey man from the beach and rocks, where reliability and durability is crucial to catching fish, but i dont like them in a boat because you need really heavy lead.

    In the case of higher price reels catching more fish, it technically is a fallacy. I know there are probably superstitions



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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    A lot of guys who want to stop big Reds use Alveys (winches) or even something like a 925

    If the same line is 80lb mono I would back the Alvey hands down

    For just about everything else the Stella would beat it but at a premium cost
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    looks like some of us have lost the basic skills to fish so now rely on high dollar gear to make up . 40 yrs ago i hand lined snapper with string soaked in tar with string traces then came catgut traces wow that was a biggie . i have never caught more fish then with the handline . i think as the gear gets better more people fish =less fish and i am staying with the alvey it is fool proof and does a perfect job call it direct drive u can feel everything and are in total control , there is nothing that can break or fail it will cast forever no back lash no big knotted mess u just cant beat it i think ps i have braid on 2 alveys but 100lb mono on the reef winch
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    Re: $1000 stella versus an old alvey

    I was going to say the same thing about alvey reels.
    One big advantage with alveys is no one ever seems to say it broke.No bail arms breaking,no handles breaking,no stripped gears.simple reels for simple fishing..Any reel like an avley can be mastered to work in experienced hands..
    I like using spinning reels for most of my fishing but deep sea shark fishing the alvey comes out.
    Buy the right size for your type of fishing and it works.
    And if you hook something really big and your trying to stop it just palm the spool.

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