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    Re: Bait 4 redclaw traps

    Hey guys another question to do with this thread ,
    How big do red claw grow ?? ive never got a big one . and do you still catch them in tinaroo ?? last year at awoonga the crarvan park ladie said that the fishos had nearly wiped out the red claw stock by keeping massive stacks of them and keep all the ones with eggs etc etc we only got one but didn't try reall hard barra fever was to bad to chase red claw !!

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    Re: Bait 4 redclaw traps

    Im with Potsy on that one. I used to chase redclaw at Fairbairn. you can get enough 4 a feed of the rocks at the picnic area there. But if you really want to get amongst them a boat is the go.They move around depending on time of year. Water depth, bottom structure vary. Drop your pots at different depths to see what depths yield more and look for a pattern to emerge.

    Redclaw are definitely herbivores. They only go into traps with meat in them to try remove it from their territory. So all fruits/veg are worth a shot. My favourites were rockmelon, half cooked spuds, and dog bikkies(the vegie ones are best) put the dog nuts in an old sock or similar so it stays in your trap.

    Cheers, Andrew

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