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    Re: Saratoga reference

    thats awesome lgm its coming along nicely,put me down for one also...cheers bdowdy...brett

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Quote Originally Posted by bdowdy View Post
    thats awesome lgm its coming along nicely,put me down for one also...cheers bdowdy...brett
    G'day mate....thought you'd be more interested in a cod picture, that's the next one on my to do list......picture this.

    two old blokes sitting in a tiny dented flat bottom punt. One pouring tea from one of those old checkered thermos bottles that our Dad's used with a rollie hangin out the side of his mouth.
    The other old bloke yawning with his rod hanging over the side.
    Deep down in the water a HUGE ( 80 - 100 lb ) cod is just about to inhale his bait and seriously wake them both up.
    I'm going to do the painting so you can see what happening above and below the water line.
    So many pictures to do and so little time.

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    mate that would be unreal, wish i could draw,sketch like that mate you have ahidden talent there, let me know when you start the cod picture and keep me updated. cheers bdowdy...brett

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    so hows the painting coming along?

    Cammo X
    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Getting there mate, I'm drawing the picture on the canvas at the moment. that's a long process, it has to be just right and transfering a small drawing onto a large canvas can be a real pain in the bum. I'm also at the moment building a bigger easel, my old one just isn't big enough...I get a bit carried away with these things. It was going to be a very simple easel to do the paintings on, now it's turned into a multi folding tasmanian oak piece of high tech woodwork.
    I'll take some piccies and post them here.
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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Looking good Little Grey Bloke. Have you got access to an o'head projector? You could trace over the original onto a sheet of clear plastic with a fine felt tip pen, then Superimpose it onto your canvas at the size you wish. Then just retrace it on the canvas and it will all be in scale.

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Hey Tiges, yeah that's a good method that one. I've always used an old commercial art trick called a grid method.
    I make a copy of the picture and draw a measured grid pattern over the top, I then draw a larger grid pattern on the canvas at a much bigger ratio and draw what's in the boxes on a larger scale. I'm a glutton for punishment. If I had a projector I'd most likely use it.
    I used this grid method to paint a picture on my little boys bedroom wall, from a 30 cm drawing I produced a painting 1.8m high by 4m wide of an early steam train racing across the desert with cowboys and indians chasing it. Geeez my hands were sore after that one.

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    cool bud cant wait to see the pics!

    how long did it take you to do the train and indians? must have been a while geez!

    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    From picking up a pencil to finally putting a frame around it was three weeks.
    I'm waiting for a photographer friend of mine to take some pics of it in the early morning when the light hits it.

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Hows it progressing?

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    G'day Jeremy, slow going at the moment. I'm building an easel as my last one fell to bits. It was going to be a simple stand to place my paintings on. It's turned into a monster. I'm easily distracted and often push one project aside to start another one. I'll have to get stuck into it and post some piccies soon.
    I've been doing lots of fishing as well, but that's a distraction I can live with

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Allrighty...I've finished building the easel and after quite a few other little projects. I had a chance last night to finally put some paint on the canvas.
    Don't pick it to pieces yet as this is just the base colour for my sky. Tonight I'll add a few more colours to the clouds and give them a bit more substance.
    Had a few mishaps already. My cheeky little girl decided to help me draw on the canvas while I was at work. She did a wonderful job
    My next little hurdle was drawing the togas scales in blue pencil ( I usually draw in graphite but I didn't want the graphite to mix with the paint when doing the scales. As I swept the brush loaded with watery blue acrylic across the canvas I thought the blue pencil would be thick enough to show through the paint...WRONG. the blue pencil mixed with the paint and vanished Most of the scales I drew are gone. I might get RedBull around to redraw them for me ( He's better at it than me )
    I'll drink some more coffeine tonight and get stuck into it. More pics in a few days.
    Unless my little princess decides to attack it again.

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    looking good mate

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Yeah looking good so far mate. I've been wondering how you were going on this, thanks for the update.

    The ocean is the ultimate solution - Frank Zappa

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    Re: Saratoga reference

    Lookin good there, Cant wait for updates!, i have also been wondering what you have been getting up to with the art work.

    Australian Native Fish Vids
    Specialize in Terapontida's, Perches, Cods, Gobies & Gudgeons

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