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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Thanks for starting this one horseboy, I must admit that I am very sun conscious only because I fish with my little boy every weekend....If we took our shirts off it would be like looking at two fluro tubes. I have my checkup every six months.
    Before we fish I put sunscreen all over the both of us, and we wear big hats. We never fish between ten and two.
    One thing I've noticed in magazines, DVD's etc is the amount of people wearing baseball caps fishing, it bothers me when I see high profile fisho's wearing them, I know they like to advertise and big floppy hats are a bit daggy, but they should remember that young people are impressionable, and having the tops of your ears removed later in life may also look pretty daggy .
    Our sun is just far too strong to wear something that just keeps the sun of your nose. A wide brim hat that protects your face, ears and the back of the neck is the bees knees, and thank god for long sleeve columbia fishing shirts.
    I was also a kid who spent way too much time in the sun, and have had a few suspect ones removed, which were thankfully not melanoma's.
    Once again thanks for bringing this up horseboy
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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    My Son takes after his mother with his pale skin, so we cover him up and put on block out each day before school. At the beach it's the long sleeve rashy type shirt and a hat that can be worn wet.

    I have been lucky and am like my dad, he is 73 and has never had a skin cancer. I am 41 and after much cajouling from my wife I went to her dermo specialist in clayfield and the guy looked me up and down and picked at one mole on my forearm and said I didn't need to see him for a couple of years.

    Still, I am more sensible now and cover up, but an hour of body surfing at the beach in just the boardies is the best thing, all those shirts feel like gladwrap to me

    As for the advice on the other medical check ups, 100% agree, I get blood tests, prostate check ups annually and other more invasive tests due to a family history of bowel cancer, which I won't go into details on, and have at this stage a clean bill of health

    Thanks for the thread, a great reminder
    If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, politicians must be from uranus ?

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Fellas listen to what is being said above.
    I was one of those who though i was superman and the sun wouldnt effect me.
    WRONG, in the last 10-12 years i have had 6 trips to the plastic surgeon, just on the face alone, missus reckons i go back every few years to have a trim and tuck ???
    Have had the whole nose de skinned and re-skinned by pulling the face skin back over.
    The arms and legs have also had their fair share of treatment.
    Luckly so far only one melanoma, the rest have been BCC"s.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    ...all of which adds another good reason for fishing at night, of course.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Redheaded, Fair skin and 45 years old. Starting to get things biopsied, scraped and frozen. Get to see the skin Doc bloke every 6 months ( In reality he get to see me, nearly naked, but ya gotta expect that.)or whenever somthing looks sus. He tells me to put s'screen on every day before even stepping out the door. (i do). I dont pay nothing, all bulked billed, gives good peace of mind. Its in Cabulture if ya need more info.


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