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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Sam i Have one m removed we got it early but it scared the crap out of me we got it early and only neaded a small amount of extra treatment but in that time i met others not as lucky as me and since then i have been so freaky about any mark that apears i give it 6 weeks to see anychanges then book in as soon as i see it change if it does not change i weight till my 6 month visit. i use suncence and banana boat when i cant get it for a while.


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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I have been taught suncare from early age and can probably count the number of times I have been badly sunburnt still on one hand!

    I always whack on the sunscreen, a good wide brim hat (the $10 bunnings ones - good hats) and always wear protective clothing.

    But I think I suffer more from not getting enough sun these days than overexposure. I need to get into the sunlight a little more. Fishing will help that

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Quote Originally Posted by samsnap View Post
    or even worse get the big "m" diagnosis
    Please explain, Sammy.

    "m" ?

    It is probably a dumb question but I cannot even spell "medikal".

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Charleville, Sammy may have meant Melanoma.

    there are solar keratoses, basal cell carcinomas, squamous (?) cell carcinomas, and then melanomas.

    you should speak to your doctor etc, but from memory that is in increasing order of seriousness. Melanomas can lead to/are associated with, other kinds of cancer

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Quote Originally Posted by artesian View Post
    Charleville, Sammy may have meant Melanoma.
    Ah - yes - of course. Thanks Artesian - clearly you're no boor.

    I see my quack for a check-up every six months (due later today, in fact) and one thing that he does after the blood pressure measurement and the usual lecture on my weight is to have a squizz at the marks on my face and every now and then at my torso and arms.

    I get a lecture on sun-protection and take his advice on that pretty seriously.

    If you ever see a big bloke in a Quinnie out in the middle of Moreton Bay with blue zinc cream covering his entire face and 50+ gloves, a long sleeve shirt, sunnies and a stained, faded bright green adaptacap, it will be me. It is a frightful sight but people like bigbrian47 can attest that that is what I wear, after meeting up with me in the middle of the Bay recently when I have been adorned in such a way.

    BTW, the greatest thing that I have discovered lately is that those baby wipe things will clean off zinc cream very easily at the end of the day. Cheap brands work just as well as "Wet Ones". They are nice and cool on the face as well after a hot day's fishin'.


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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    been there done that..first one on arm..age 32..squamous cell..15 stitches later..all gone. numerous burnt off..last year on on my temple..another referred me to a skin clinic..actually a surgeon..did a great job..7 stitches and no scar on the temple...and I still rarely put sun cream on..I loathe creams etc on my face.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I can only imagine the skin cancers that people will get in the future. I'm 45 and haven't been in the sun a lot in my life, but have grown up in an age where a good tan "looks good" With the amount of people that spend time lying in the sun, let alobe working in it I think it will just about be the number one killer for some.
    Now in my job I occassionally see older folks in nursing homes. It makes you realise how savage the sun can be when you see people with cancers cut out of their faces, noses and ears. All people should see the rsults of this. You will not leave the house witout a hat I guarantee.

    Good thread by the way.


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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Perhaps it depends upon skin type. At age 65 there aren't any sunspots or cancers that I am aware of. And that's after a life time of exposure with some of it pretty extreme. We didn't know back in the early days nor was sunscreen even thought of.

    As for hats - after getting out of uniform at age 24 I made God a solemn promise that I would never again wear a hat, cut my hair short, wear sunglasses or polish shoes.

    No problems but I have oily skin, bushy eyebrows, deep set little piggy eyes and must have the necessary genes for living life on a beach.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Yeah I go every 12 months to a dermo dude referred by my GP cost $150 for the check up and its the best $150 I spend each year , I just look at it as part of the fishing/camping budget, He even looks between toes,under your nails , under your feet so its a good going over and well worth the money. I to was a no sunscreen,shirt young hippie/surfie bloke that now in my mid forties am showing the results of a nice tan when i was young. Now I'm the bloke with the big straw hat and sun shirt on at all times even in the water and dont forget the sunnies.
    Take photos and memories leave only footprints, respect the enviroment when 4 wheel driving , never be too busy to help out someone in need.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Thanks Horseboy for this thread because those are words of wisdom and words I drum into my kids. I too was very lapse when it came to covering up and as a youngster found myself deliberately getting burnt to tan up. That was considered the norm in those days. The only thing different to you is I have never had a skin cancer so consider myself very lucky considering how many times I got burnt when I was young. I had a spot that came up fast on my forehead some years ago when I was in my late 20's but it wasn't a cancer. The doctor gave it some fancy name but because it was on my face he said "When in doubt,cut it out!" Apart from that I go for regular skin checks with my local Mole Scan Clinic and this is the best advice I can give to all of my fellow Ausfish members. Locate a Mole Scan Clinic and get checked out for the peace of mind.
    Early detection is a life saver.



    He who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Top thread horseboy, I hope it all comes good for you. This thread hits pretty close for me because my old man came out on the boat in the early 60's, did his trade down the pit in the east midlands of the uk and then worked as a sparky in the mines and industrial plants of qld and the nt in the 60's and 70's. Mad dogs and englishmen in the midday sun was the saying and it was right. He never looked after himself and wished the level of education on the subject we get now was in place back then. Anyhoo after a series of sunspots being cut out over the years we got the dreaded news last year, melanoma. Did you guys know that melanoma can show up anytime as a sunspot, your immune system can defeat it and then it can send it's spores throughout your body waiting for a rainy day. I didn't and we found this out from the oncy. 3.5 weeks from a confirmed diagnosis he was dead, it was on his lungs and his liver. This is real gentlemen, live your lives as you wish but look after yourselves in the sun, when it attacks the right sort of person it kills them quickly. At least it's better than a car accident, you still get to say hooray and thanks to your mates and family.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I'm a pom still living in England, but soon to move to Oz, my kids know the danger of the sun, and they never ever go out without cream on etc etc.
    I'm still 1 of those stupid fools that think it will never happen to me, but after reading this thread, it has really made me think much more about the dangers of skin cancer, even so most of the time I do protect myself, now I realise most of the time isn't good enough.
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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I was diagnosed with a stage 1 melanoma on my ear last year at the age of 31. Fortunately I had a very observant GP who recognised it when I went on for a MC for the flu. It was only a couple of months prior to this I had been checked up for any signs of skin cancer. Was able to resolve through a surgical solution, but being sent in for an X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound and consultation with an oncologist scared the crap out of me. Now I am only allowed out on the boat by my wife if I am wearing a big hat and heaps of sunscreen. Also means that my boys have never been burnt as we are both so aware of the damage that can occur when you are younger.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Bucket loads of genetics involved in this area, got a mate who will not do anything to cover- up or wear sunscreen, sometime a hat - yet coffee is too unhealthy for him to drink (rolls eyes), by the odds he will probably get away with it, but he may not also.

    Not much for doctors myself but had my first skin cancer check 2 years ago -was an age spot better go again ..thanks thread!

    cheers fnq
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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    You should not only get skin checks but a full medical every year! I go to a doc in Cleveland. His full medical includes all "men's" problems plus a skin check, urinalysis, blood & stool examination.

    Its 40 minutes out of your year, costs around $30 (after Medicare), gives you complete peace of mind and will detect any early problems.

    I am 45 now and discovered over the last two years that I had high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure (despite running over 50 kms per week as well as being an AFL Boundary Umpire). Both are now under control thanks to early detection.

    BTW check out my avatar. Wrap around 50+ head gear, long-sleeve 50+ fishing shirts, 50+ sunglasses (polarised), plenty of sunscreen and very long shorts!

    I want to fish for at least anther 30 years!!


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