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    Unhappy I wish i had listened to Mum

    I think alot of people on this site would have had some sort of exposure to skin cancer. I have been getting cancers cut out since i was 21 I am now 31 and some what resemble some sort of frankenstien experiment. I went in yesterday and had 4 more removed and a couple of biopsies done There goes my start to the Barra season cant cast a net or a rod for a week then will be back at work.
    I grew up in the Kimberleys on the water everyday i was at the beach or out on a boat everyday my mother told me dont get sunburnt use suncream etc, but fishing and surfing was to important to interupt for suncream. Now i am paying for it, I now work underground and fishing is a luxury but now when i go out i put more cream on every 30 mins wear thick work shirts and a akubra but it is to late the damage has been done. My children are 3 and 1 and they get educated about the sun already when i get cancers cut out i cant pick them up or swim in the pool and they ask why i tell them i didnt listen to Mum i only hope the doc and i keep getting them while they are still small. Please guys dont think that anything is more important than not getting sunburnt they say getting burnt just once does enough damage to cause cancer let alone every time we go fishing.

    Take Care


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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I am one of those pale pommy pricks, so I learned the hard way when i was young. I burn, i blister and i hurt. I dont like pain, so I will go to great odds to avoid sunburn. Even still, those few times i get sunburn have surfaced (I too am 31) and I was diagnosed with a fairly harmless skin cancer on my face about 6 months ago. Its enough to make me more cautious, even though I feel I am already careful. Obviously I am not carefull enough.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I have to say mate I am like you. Am always getting burnt but never blister until recently i got burnt real bad. Now I will be much more prudent with the sunscreen.

    Cheers Chris
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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I agree, and like a lot of Aussies over 40 got too much sun as a kid

    But believe it or not, there is such a thing as too little sun.

    Too little sun increases the chance of a range of cancers as well as rickets.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    i Know about to little sun leaves you with a vitamin d deficiancy but we have to teach our kids good sun responsibility. I feel so much better when i feel the sun on my skin but i now know how to be careful and just how much damage a full day in sun will do.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    had my first checkup 2 weeks ago, ended up being age spots

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Good thread,horseboy.
    I sometimes worry because skin cancers are very common in my family and yet when I was younger I used to spend summers cotton chipping at Moree and never wear a shirt all day....used to be a cycle...get sunburnt..go almost black,then peel all over and start again.What an idiot and sooner or later I'm going to pay for it.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I know how you feel, my father-in-law, has been working in the sun all his life. Now in his 70's his skin is like tissue paper.
    A mate of mine who is a doctor advises, to keep a check on your skin for any suspicious moles, itchy lumps, etc and get them checked out. In his experience if you keep on top of it you'll get to a point when you'll stabilise and get less or hardly get any treatment.
    Another thing is to stay away from those skin check clinics. Best to stick to your GPs and get refered to dermatologists. Some of those skin check doctors used to be into erectile disfunction till viagra came on the market. Looks like money making schemers in all trades.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    This topic has come up a few times on Ausfish and the thing that gets me every time is how young many of the guys are who have to get cancers cut out.

    At 31, you are just a boy but you are by no means alone with the problem.

    I now shudder every time that I see someone on TV out in the sun without a hat.

    I live behind a school oval and it is really great to see how the school polices their rules on hats for kids playing on the oval. Hopefully the kids of today will have received a good grounding in hat habits that will carry them through to an uncomplicated old age.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Yes!! Do not go to any "bulkbilling" or private for that matter- skin clinic - they are on budgets and will hack out anything to make their bonus! (TRUE) They have no further training than a normal GP (just a desire to make more $$$) Most GP's are more than trained to identify problems and if they cant handle it, the bigger specialist centres (dermo) are the places to go - I should know I'v managed all of them along the way - PLEASE I BEG YOU - EVERYONE GAT A SKIN CHECK EVERY YEAR and don't go to a "skin clinic" - PM me if you want a decent referal within the Brisbane area if you are worried Sammy

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Greetings all!

    As a Pommy I was amazed how strong the sunlight is when I first came over here 8 years ago. I've largely avoided sunburn in my 46 years but have had to get 2 moles cut out of my back since I've been here. Cotton and nylon shirts don't have a very high UV protection rating!

    The amount of sunlight reflected of water is also very high. It tends to hit you on the neck and under the chin. The areas that you often don't take much care in putting sunscreen on, or where it has wiped off on your shirt.

    Regards, Rob

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    hi thanks for that now you have scared me into wearing sunscreen when i go fishing and play golf on every sunday . as a 14 year old i have no time to run out and grab sunscreen before i play cricket, golf, go surfing or go fishing so thanks you for reminding me about sun safety.


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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    The Best sunscreen on the market is "SUNSENCE" - a "ego" product. In Australia we can only market/advertise 30+ even if it is over that - these products are up in the 90 spf range - dont forget INSIDE your ears & the top part of your ears and creases - this is the area that the 30-50 year olds seem to be getting problems with lately - very nastly to fix - Sorry to sound like your mother but I see people all time who have to have parts of their body cut up or off - or even worse get the big "m" diagnosis - It is scary!! No more ...will give myself nightmares. Ta sammy

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    I have never been to a skin centre for the reason listed above i had recently seen a dermatolgistwhich is very expensive and had a trend to try and treat with pdt which didnt work on the ones he used it on and a $200 a treatment it left a sour taste in my mouth. I have started seeing a gp who has hired more doctors so he can spend more time treating cancers and being in Townsville i think it is needed. He is the first doctor to check my scalp between my toes and on the soles of my feet he asked me on how i wanted to be treated. I have done lots of research and keep upto date on latest treatments through the cancer fund(family history of cancers of differing varietys). He made feel confident no rushing me through and had a sense of humour no trying to make me feel bad for something i didnt do in my teens.

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    Re: I wish i had listened to Mum

    Stick with him - he is doing everything right - good luck - hope he finds nothing!


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