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    MUD Crab season in QLD

    Guys, I know our Muddy season is pretty much December to April. What happens between May and Nov are they scarce ? Are they all rattlers ? or are we just prohibited from catching them ? Any thoughts.

    Also I know that I am new to this site so I probably shouldn't be asking or suggesting, but I wonder if it would not be a good idea if crabbing got a seperate forum area to operate from ? What do people think ?


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    Re: MUD Crab season in QLD

    They are still around May to November, you can still catch them, and you are allowed to. Its just that they are not as active and often their shells aren't as 'full'.

    Plently of people catch a good feed of muddies in the off season though.

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    Re: MUD Crab season in QLD

    I can concur with joeT. you will catch them year round, althought the warmer weather is their most active, hence the old saying, you can catch mud crabs in any month that has an 'r; in it except May, June, July, August. I've caught them in those months and yes not as full so I throw them back in to grow, don't want to come home with a skeleton. Peter

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    Re: MUD Crab season in QLD

    Anyone got any thoughts on a seperate section for just talking about crabbing ?

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    Re: MUD Crab season in QLD

    I dont think there is, mud crabs are associated with saltwater, hence saltwater chat

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    Re: MUD Crab season in QLD

    it would change the site a bit, but im not sure if it will gain Alot of attention. as IMO there are alot more fisherman than crabbers, i think.

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