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Thread: Building of the new Riptide platey **it finally floats**

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Classic Greg
    I have the shiny bling bollards and a rear wing so all I need now is some subwoofers and it will be fully sick

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Boy there's been some thought go into this boat!


    p.s. My teenage son suggests underwater coloured lights and some LCD monitors. You could call is the Doof Doof!

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Quote Originally Posted by Smithy View Post

    all your comments ring true about cuddys/half cabs over walkarounds. A good anchor from the cockpit system helps no end in making a cuddy the best choice.
    So does an anchor winch

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey


    What are doing for glass?

    I went with laminated clear on the front and laminated tinted on the side which I am very happy with.

    My cabin does get hot up here though, whilst it was ideal when I lived in Victoria you really do need some ventilation up here.

    Are you planning on sliding windows for the sides?

    I wish I had them at times.

    - Darren

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    So will we see you at the fraser fishin comp in her this year greg?

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Classic Kevin

    Trying to sort screens out right now but looks like 6mm toughened glass on the fronts and toughened glass sliders on the sides. Been told to stay away from tint on sides as the reflection is bad at night off the electronics? I don't know how you can go with out sliders on the side up here mate. Have you thought about putting a couple of small hatches in the hardtop right above the seats?

    Mate we are trying madly to get it ready for Fraser but I reckon it's a 50/50 chance at the moment. Are you going and have you still got your cat?


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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Anchor winches aren't the be-all and end all. The only successfully used one I have heard about had full chain and a counter. He was a Red Emperor fisherman out from 1770. There you could get away with it and maybe in the NQ shallows. You would also need to have some battery contingencies. They draw a huge amount of current. With the counter that guy was able to let down nearly the full amount of chain he wanted, motor to the spot then let it down where he needed to be for precision anchoring. How would you get on with a normal winch in a bit of wind or current? By the time you dropped in 50-80m which is normal fishing depth for our areas you would be miles off. I am sure part of Greg's success is his precision anchoring. It is a massive component in the whole system. No way would I be dropping anything but a tripped anchor and the minimum amount of chain you can get away with on the sort of ground Greg will be dropping off DI Pt and Fraser.

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Quote Originally Posted by Reefmaster View Post
    Classic Kevin

    Mate we are trying madly to get it ready for Fraser but I reckon it's a 50/50 chance at the moment. Are you going and have you still got your cat?

    Yea mate , going this year again!!This time we are using a 6.5 platey. Still got the cat too, but after watchin yours getting built,and having the need for a tougher boat,i may have to place the call to Riptide and get in the que......Catch ya up at the comp site for a beer!!!Danno

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    hi reef master shes surely a neat rig,bet you cant wait to hit the water,.
    cheers shane.

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey


    im getting a boat built and this is the winch i thinking of using, worth a look............

    Further to your email enquiry I hope you find this informtion useful. The Stress Free is a drum winch designed to fit into the anchor well with an anchor roller positioned in front of the hatch opening to assist the laying of the rope from one side of the drum to the other and to stop any rubbing on the boat as the rope and chain spools on and off the drum.

    Re: Stress Free Anchor Winch product information and pricing structure

    The Stress Free is a quality built product that has been manufactured to last. The design of the Stress Free is unique and distinctively different to other well known brands. This observable distinction initially got the sceptics talking and challenged the market however through word of mouth, increased presence on the water, targeted advertising and now some years on the proven reliability has got boaties and the industry talking. There is a growing list of boat builders who now fit them exclusively to their products.

    We have been marketing the Stress Free for installation and application in both new and used boats of various makes and models for 14 years. The response to our product has been overwhelming with satisfied customers providing positive feedback and documented testimonials in support of the winch for its functionality, speed of operation, user-friendliness and reliability. The reliability of our product is backed up by a 36 month warranty to recreational users and 12 months to professional fisherman and/or charter operators.

    The winch has been manufactured with the highest quality of materials and parts. The unit is a compact 12 volt anchor well mounted drum style anchor winch suitable for both inshore and offshore fishing. Ideal for narrow and shallow anchor wells. The drum and shaft of the unit is manufactured from 316 stainless steel standard with the electric motor being waterproof. Single person operation is achieved with the inclusion of a dual direction solenoid, resettable circuit breaker and remote up/down toggle switch. Due to the robust construction of the running gear there is no need to tie off once you have set the anchor - an excellent safety feature. Warranty is 3 years on all working parts and accessories - recreational users only. No longer will you have to grapple the waves or get wet when you climb up the front of the boat to lift the hatch to retrieve the anchor. A user manual with a wiring diagram and step by step installation instructions is provided in the and a 24 hour customer support service via the mobile number 0407 717900 is provided to make sure your Stress Free stands up to its name.

    Key Features of the Stress Free;

    Maximum torque to get the anchor off the bottom.

    No need to tie off your rope at anchorage.

    The speed of retrieval increases with each revolution.

    All rope and chain is spooled on and off the drum at a rate of 80 and 90 ft per minute (1.5 feet per second).

    The rope and chain does not twist and tangle causing the unit to malfunction.

    With the flick of a switch the anchor is raised and lowered.

    Can use your existing rope and chain.

    Simple to use and easy to operate

    There are 4 models available:

    1. Small Stress Free - is suitable for boats from 5metres to 7metres and has a rope capacity of 75 meters of 8mm nylon plus 6 meters of chain or 100 meters of 6mm braid, 5 meters 8mm nylon and 6 meters of 6mm shortlink chain.

    2. Light Medium Stress Free is a new model released in July 2006 in response to customer feedback. This model is a light weight version of the Medium Stress Free, is suitable for boats up to 8 meters and has a drum capacity of 110 meters of 8mm nylon plus 6 meters of chain.

    3. Medium Stress Free - is suitable for boats 7metres plus and has a drum capacity of 110 meters of 8mm nylon or 85 meters of 10mm nylon plus 6 meters of chain.

    4. Large Stress Free - is suitable for boats that need more rope and chain (up to 10 meters). This drum holds 170 meters of 8mm nylon or 130 meters of 10mm nylon or 100 meters of 12mm nylon plus 8 meters of chain.


    Small Stress Free $1897.00

    Anchor Roller $92.00

    Plus Freight

    In closing we are delighted to forward this information and should you require further information please dont hesitate to contact again on 0407 717 900.

    Yours sincerely

    Shauna Forster

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey


    I am 10mm front laminate and 8mm side laminate. Not saying that they have to be this strong but that is what mine are.

    Would it cost you much more to go to 8mm front?

    Might be worth a look if you do a bit of bar work, they are pretty big front windows.

    - Darren
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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg P View Post
    That looks more like a rear spoiler you Bevan
    Yeah a remnant from his drag racing days!!! Maybe Greg with go with a flame job after alll Greg????

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    I couldn't agree more in regards to anchor winches and trying to anchor acurately on small rocks only the size of a couple cars in 40m plus would be near impossible with the slow workings of a winch.

    Thanks for posting the info and I have no doubt that it's a good product but as I stated above trying to anchor in any reasonable depth of water and using an anchor winch would make it extremely hard to position the boat on small reefs which is the key to successful fishing. Things like current and wind would make it even harder. When I throw the anchor out I do a circle around it to avoid any resistance on the rope which would pull the anchor away from desired position so you can only imagine how hard it would be while an anchor winch unwinds itself.

    Going from 6mm to 8mm glass is double the price so 6mm it is . Post platey builders up here run 6mm so I'm hopping there's no issue's. It would be safe to say you will have no dramas with yours mate

    ahahahaha. Mate I hate rear wings on cars but yes drag racing will always be apart of me and I still have an almost complete 400 small block chev a home that would make 600hp easy on pump fuel and it would fit nicely into the Riptide. It has aluminium cylinder heads, rocker covers, high rise manifold all of which is polished and would match the bollards beautifully.
    It would only use 650ltrs of fuel out to the shelf and back


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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    ThX for the anchoring tip Greg

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    Re: Building of the new Riptide platey

    I can sympathize with Greg about the anchor winch, and was wondering if there is a winch on the market ( that can be controlled from the cockpit, not with a handle) that has a free falling anchor/chain for the drop. That would be a far more superior winching system for accurate drops. I currently have the stress free on my KC 2400 and while it is quick ,and by far the best one I've owned, and has the strength to pull my boat up a tree-/ down into Davie's locker, i would love to see that drum system with a "Free-spool"feature for quick anchoring decisions.


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