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Thread: dragon weave

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    dragon weave

    just some pics of my latest weave of a dragon 160 design threads *500 wrap threads not filled rolled or packed yet

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    Re: dragon weave

    That looks really good, mine was not as many threads or wrap threads and I can see the difference in the detail. What size rod did you but that one on must have been a biggen.

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    Re: dragon weave

    i wrapped it on the but end of a fsu 5120

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    Re: dragon weave

    Very nice young fella.

    I'm going to have to learn how to do that one day.
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    Re: dragon weave

    Ryan did you end up getting the wonder weave and if so did you use it on this one?

    I got one and I have to tell you it has to be the second best investment I made when it comes to weaving.

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    Re: dragon weave

    i didnt buy a wonder weaver just made my own

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    Re: dragon weave

    Quote Originally Posted by ryansrods View Post
    i didnt buy a wonder weaver just made my own
    You WHAT From what? how easy was it to use? sorry for the questions but given quality of the finished product I just gotta know
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    Re: dragon weave

    Looks really good Ryan, although the photo's are a bit blurry.
    I'm glad you like the program, thanks for your email.
    If you take some measurements from your weave and compare them to what the theoretical numbers were, you can make adjustments to the figures so that it reflects how you weave.

    How many hours in that sucker?

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    Re: dragon weave

    Absoluley spectaculer
    cant wait to see the finished item

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    Re: dragon weave

    spectacular job Ryan !!! wish i had the time to go nuts on a weave that big...might get around to it 1 winter... and 2 thumbs up for the home made jig...did the same myself and still use it...

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    Re: dragon weave

    thanks for all the comment guys

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    Re: dragon weave

    Beautiful work Ryan. Very Hiro Tanaka in style. Lots of hours in that one.

    Outback Rods

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    Re: dragon weave

    Wow - I have never come into this part of the forum before and now I will keep visiting. That is amazing.

    I have a lot of admiration for those of you who have this skill and patience.


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