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    queenies are the best

    hey guys heres a little queenie i got a on a new shrimp stick bait
    show us ur queenie picks ?

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    Re: queenies are the best

    awsome mate, that looks like a crystal alive, nice little dimond 2. i put a rat queeny up 4 ya
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: queenies are the best

    Where'd you get the diamond trev mate? I love chasing those fellas.
    Fishing for the thrill, not for the kill

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    Re: queenies are the best

    got this in the bay just before chrissy

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    Re: queenies are the best

    moreton bay or hervey bay , warrior??

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    Re: queenies are the best

    there must be more than one species,
    ive always wondered what the smaller ones we see around the SE are..
    looking at the top two sets of pics it looks like there different fish,
    the queeny up the top isnt all that much bigger than the ones below but looks completely different...any ideas?


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    Re: queenies are the best

    I reckon you are right Yella.
    It states in Grant's Guide that the Slender Leatherskin is a smaller specie of Queenie to 500mm. It states that they have black tipped dorsal and caudal fins.
    Have a look at Nuggs queenie, it has black tips on the dorsal.
    It is definitely different to the big queenie in the bottom pic.
    There's one catch, and that is it states that the Slender Queenie ranges from Central Q coast to PNG. Mind you, this edition of Grants is 26 years old.

    I read a news article that state that fish are moving south at a rate of 50k's per decade.
    I reckon there are definitely n2 different species.

    Cheers Jeff.

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    Re: queenies are the best

    Yeah there's 5 spot,7 spot(they are the larger variety) and there's 2 leatherskin/slender commonly known as oceanic queenie's.

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    Re: queenies are the best

    Caught this one just before Xmas between Townsville Harbour and Maggie Island.
    Put up one hell of a fight, tail danced, jumps and head shakes, 15 mins later in the boat. Mind you the Rapala lure looks like it has been hit by a chainsaw...

    Oh to be spoilt with this type of fishing up here in NQ...
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: queenies are the best

    sorry snapper i am in hervey bay

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