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    Setting tarps up correctly.

    Fellas, love camping go at least 3 times a year, my wife and I allways argue when setting up, on how to set up a tarp. We have a 6 x 5mtr tarp and I never seem to get it right, end up with pools of water bending tarp. Now I would appriciate any tips on getting this right. Polky

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    I'll see if I can find a few old photos for you.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    I have been doing this for years. I erect tarp using ALL eyelets for poles. Extra strong springers. Then I use a ' spreader bar ' ( square ) across the middle of the tarp and sometimes when I use the 10mtr x 7mtr tarp I use 2 spreaders. I also drill a hole in the middle of the spreader and place a pole there for extra support.

    Further, I utilize a mini spreader ( circular ) at 45 degrees to every corner, this strengthens the whole complex and I also drop the corners down a few degress from the rest of the tarp, I also make " hips " in it.

    There is another option of buying a directional plastic water diverter and plonking it on a pole where the tarp seems to be sagging or need assist.

    If you are not familiar with this terminology or ideas, I can draw a pic. Just ask.

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    This is the best way i have found to set up a tarp.
    Lay the tarp where you want it to be.
    Knock all the pegs in and attatch the ropes to the pegs.
    Start from the centre and put your poles in place and work towards the edge.once you have everything in place start from the centre and work your way out adjusting the height of the poles to get everything tight.
    With a tarp of that size it would be a good idea to use a ridge pole as this will help heaps.
    Here are a couple of pics of our setup

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    I've seen Phils setup and let me tell ya, that sucker ain't falling down.

    If i take the small tarp to just cover the tent then i usually try and use main corners poles, 1 each side in the middle, and one in the middle each end. I run a ridge bar down the middle of it and zip tie my fluro onto it. (Tarp size 4m x 3m)

    Similar thing if i take the big tarp, but then i use every second eyelet down each side and 2 ridge bars down the centre. Drop the corners, and also run a pole in the middle of the ridge bars. The only problem is it takes forever to setup alone.

    Lately i've been using just the smaller tarp over the tent.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    Gday polky
    like Phill said spreader bar is the go for water and the right pegs to suit the soil.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    spreader bar only way to go.
    i had 30 x 24 tarp and used 50 mm ppvc pipe joined with t pieces. 3 pieces 8 ft long. In the t piece that was open and faced the ground ,after they were joined, i put a pole.
    The point of the pole would sit up inside the t piece.
    I have been up to double island in 25 kn s/e and never blew down.
    Always used large plastic sand pegs, and pole in every hole, and all ropes springed.
    There are no half measures

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    You are spot on Seahorse a pole in every hole and make sure all ropes have springs.
    Cheers Dave.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    Polky, pics as promised.
    As the others have stated, use of a spreader bar and poles in every hole will be the best.
    A cheaper version of using springs is go to a tyre place and ask for some old tyre tubes. Cut them into strips bout 50mm wide. These have worked for me for many years. If one breaks it doesn't break the bank to replace.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    Fellas I appricate the replys, Iam off to buy spreader bar and more poles ropes and springs. Then I,am going to practice putting tarp up in back yard, so stay tuned, to see the photos of my result, Wags thanks for the pics, thats how my lady wants our tarp to look. Polky.

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    As 2DknB said set all your pegs and ropes with spings on every rope.
    Lay all your poles out as well, 7'6"poles for the perimeter 9' for the ridge bar.I have marked all my poles with ink pen so I can quickly set them at the right height
    I do the 4 corners first. Then my ridge pole . At that point your tarp is essentially up , then its a simple matter to set and tension the rest of the poles and ropes

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2DKnB View Post
    This is the best way i have found to set up a tarp.
    Lay the tarp where you want it to be.
    Knock all the pegs in and attatch the ropes to the pegs.
    Thanks for this post guys, I was starting to plan our next trip and going through methods of setting up the tarp properly in this wind - so the timing was spot on. A question about when you hammer the tent pegs into the ground. Laying them around the outside of the Tarp sounds logical enough, but what distance do you place them away from the edge of the tarp, before you raise the poles?

    What was the 1st thing I did after reading this post? Down to the new camping shop at loganholme to buy a spreader bar. My wife and I said to each other " But that's all we are buying" Yeah, right!! That's the second time we've visited a camping shop in this holiday break without any change of $170.00 ( both times) so blaming you blokes makes me feel a whole lot better

    Thanks and have a happy new year!


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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    I never bothered with springs..used push bike tubes..easier to pack away and no corrosion problems and work a treat

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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    Good question Scalem,

    I have tried to figure it and although I thought that working out 45* from top would have been ok, it seems that less than this is better.

    When the tarp edge is about 6ft high I put the pegs out 5ft from the base of where the pole would be.

    In reality and if one wants to get technical, when you attach the spring to the peg and then the rope to the top of the pole, the angle at which the spring pulls on the peg would be 90*. maybe ????? could be 87* or 95* ??

    I think we need a tarp and tent erecting M & G, or maybe something along the lines of, " Campsite Setup M & G ".

    One could setup a tent site using different design tarps, ground sheets, tents, kitchen areas, ensuites and all sorts of clever ideas that each individual uses whilst camping in our great outdoors.

    One of my best is using shade cloth for a ground sheet, it certainly lets the sand drift back through and keeps ya feet clean. I also have an extra long piece of shade cloth that wraps around 5/8ths of my tarp area creating a " wall '. I place the tarp poles on the edges and inside the shade cloth and just poke a hole over the top of the tarp poles and this creates a Marquee type of effect. But it allows the wind to come through and also provides a certain amount of privacy for those crowded days at Waddy Point etc. Must remember to take pics one day of the complete set-up, or even better a ' step by step " erection pictorial.

    One more hint, I only use ' D " form bar..... RIO..... as pegs. I make them about 40cm long and they are the best. They hold soft sand, dirt and will hammer into harder ground with ease and the cost is......0. Just check out a building site.

    Cheers Phill
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    Re: Setting tarps up correctly.

    what can i say other than a pole a hole.
    a tarp of that size i would use 3 spreaders in an "A" formation.
    i also like at least 2 ropes loose over the whole lot for the larger winds. (slows parachuting)


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