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Thread: Being Ripped Off

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Ahaaaaaaaaar, this dood is soooooo dead !!!!!!

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Hi Ausfishers

    It's been a while but I thought I better get back on here and let everyone know that Garry Beattie after all these years is back up to his old tricks. Beware while purchasing on ebay at the moment. If you are going to buy check the sellers feedback if they are new with zero feedback and they are using other seelers details in there pictures you have come across anther Garry Beattie from Elliot heads scam
    I'm working again with ebay to get him

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    It would seem this grub Garry Beattie is even lower than pond scum.
    I certainly hope they get him behind bars so he can get what he really deserves.

    "A BUNDABERG child sex offender with a history of abusing kids faces an anxious wait to see if the state's highest court deems the suspended sentence he received for sexually abusing two minors is in line with community expectations. Garry John Beattie was convicted in the Bundaberg District Court in March in relation to seven charges stemming from his interaction with two minors in 1996 and 2001.
    He was sentenced to 18 months behind bars but walked free from court with a wholly suspended sentence."

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    holly sheet thats a turn!

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    What a low life and they keep giving him suspended sentences..FFS
    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    This scumbag has been a kiddy fiddle for years. This is his record:

    • 1992 - South Australia District Court (Jailed for 2.5 years)
    • 2004 - Victorian Magistrates Court (Jailed for nine months which was wholly suspended)
    • 2007 - Bundaberg District Court (Jailed for six months which was wholly suspended)
    • 2010 - Bundaberg District Court (Received an 18 month jail sentence)
    • 2012 - Melbourne County Court (Jailed for 12 months which was wholly suspended)
    • 2012 - Bundaberg Magistrates Court (Fined for failing to report)
    • 2014 - Bundaberg District Court (18 month wholly suspended sentence)

    He needs to go to jail. Get some karma which he is owed in the form of jailhouse justice

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Feeling a bit 'off' the last few days, I was resting up and reading a few of these old threads.

    Holy Shit! ... this thread has more twists and turns than any reality TV show.

    I'm curious though, did Garry John Beattie aka Gary Beattie aka John Beattie aka etc. end up being charged with fraud?
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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Quote Originally Posted by gawby View Post
    There was a bloke on Ebay trading as QldGps.
    I bid on a Northstar 550 Gps and won it.
    I transferred my money to him by internet a month ago and guess what, That's right no bloody gps.
    I have done the contact ebay thing and the last reort i have is the qld police fraud squad.
    Before i do this i am wondering if anybody on ausfish knows of this bloke and could put me in his direction.
    I know his name and mobile but that dosn't help at this stage.
    All i want is the gps or my money back.
    I want to knock on his front door.
    Hi Graeme mate i hate to say this if this oxygen thief is a pro his mame and number will be fake. You never send money to anyones bank, its a tough lesson, Ebay have an security system but only if you pay via Paypal. Paypal now have another system where as long as you have the money in the bank they will deduct it for you, but first up they send there money to pay for your item. So if you dont recive your item your covered. Best of luck with the police. Hope you catch the scum.Most banks now have a system called pay id.
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