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Thread: Being Ripped Off

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_boats View Post
    Here's the latest news on this guy. Finally so many people complained about him to ebay they limited his trade and good old Garry Beatie could only list a certain amount of items and his feedback was really really bad.
    So in typical Garry form he's opened up a new ebay acount name and starting from scratch. his new ebay id is: dmw_online2008 make sure everyone steers clear of this one.
    mr boats ,
    just how do you know it is beattie that is starting up new accounts ?

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    If you read some of the earlier posts, he is hiding behing a domain name service in america "domains by proxy" that promotes "your identity is no ones business but ours".

    So it is pretty easy to identify when you send him a question from ebay you get a response from his qldgps email account hosted overseas.


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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Hi Marco

    I know its Garry Beattie opening new accounts because I trade on ebay myself under the name of mr_boats I constatly watch all other traders and pricing to try to be the best price on there. I can tell when Garry creates a new account and listings as he deosn't have very much imagination at all. I also work very closely with ebays security team to watch ot for this loser. The ebay security team is mostly on a vacation from reality but every now and agan they wake up to themsleves and close him down.
    A nte from people that have ben burnt by this guy contact detective Wiggans at bundaber police as he knows Garry Beattie and has several reports open against him including a fruad situation where Garry opened accounts using my information. In this case we are just waitng for 1 more stuff up from Garry Beattie and we'll have enough to get him some type of conviction. It's just a matter of time so if people out there have been burnt concat wiggans it may be the piece of info he needs to close this knob head down for good.
    Also if anyone needs Garry Beatties phone number NOT THE ONE HE DOESN"T ANSWER but the phone number he does answer just conact me as I can get it.
    I think the best defence so far against this Crim has been this forum alot of people have read it and spreading the word so thanks to Ausfish.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Ok to keep you posted this is his (Garry Beatties) new ebay account name:
    I think from now on I'll keep posting every new name he comes up with to warn people so they don't get ripped off. As weel as this I'll also to show how slack Ebay's sercurity system is to allow the same unwanted person to be able to keep logging on under different names whenever he pleases.
    Also to a test of ebay's security when I post the new account names on this forum I'll be notfiying ebay security team and lets see how long they let him run for after being notified.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    didn't take long

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_boats View Post
    Hey I've got an idea. Everyone should give this guy a taste of his own medicine and create fake ebay names and bid on all his items. That would be a massive pain to him. Also he'd get charge commission and when he disputes it with ebay just say you sent a money order as payment so he still gets charged.
    I've already alerted Alister Macgibbon head of security about his new name. GOOD LUCK GARRY

    Mr Boats

    why not publish his list of names for us..? I guess he will not reuse old ones so maybe no point.

    I have just read thru this whole thread from the start, it makes for an amazing read. is this guy totally incompetent and getting into trouble by not managing his business..? or is he dead crooked and needs to be stopped. I find the claims that Ebay and Paypal are somewhat unhelpful the most worrying..?

    I think the police just have to assign some sort of priority to things based on size and impact on the community, so the squeaky wheel will get the oil.

    Is the business model at work here to take orders and only fill them when someone complains... and quietly pocket the payment for the percentage that just never complain (hard to imagine but perhaps it could be as much as 20%..?) ...I guess that would work..?

    I was an Ebay customer but this story may well be the last straw for me..sure it is inherent in the online auction thing to face some risk, but if Ebay cant validate the identity of frequent sellers any better than this suggests then it is very hard to believe that they care....he seems to just re-register with impunity.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Yeah its amazing such a large corparation like ebay is to lazy or just doesn't know how to handle situations like this. No wonder crims target ebay.
    Anyway to stick to my word ebay closed him down within 1/2 hr of me notifying them. So hats off to them this time.
    BUT WAIT..... It's not over yet hes opened anther account. YES believe it or not.
    New Account name is:
    So beware. I'll contact ebay now and see how long this one takes.

    To answer Mindi. I can't list all his other names as there are just to many of them. Once ebay closes that account name its not allowed to reopen again.
    Ok I'll list some his used. Hang onto your hats:

    My fingers are getting sore and this is just about 1/4 of what I have recorded keeping in mind good old Alister Macgibbon head of ebay security I met face to face and gave this list to him personally. He looked and seemed so concerned and ask me to contact him the next day to discuss the matter. Guess what??? The next day he brushed me off wouldn't answer my calls then passed me onto his PA then she passed me back onto my original ebay account manager.
    I'll keep everyone posted

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    mr boats... obviously it's now in their too hard basket ... and "they'll do it next week".

    it's preety bad that ebay advertises that they are secure and safe, when they are not. i'm sure they get a lot of complaints about a lot of different things, but they should get their finger out of their bum and send this guy a nice letter in the mail asking him to stop or he will be prosecuted...

    or is that too hard.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    That latest guise has 0 rating yet most of his lies have several bids?
    Sad that some folk have no nouse
    I mean come on?? Id never spend a couple of hunnys on a nobody in the hope that they will come through.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    ambermarine08 is still working at 10pm Friday

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    10.59 shut down

    mr-boats How can we know who to trust anymore. At first I thought maybe you were qld gps as he has not responded to this post but does read it. P.s I have spoken to you in the past with questions about items for sale. What a small world

    To those that have recieved there stuff, Was it sent by land or sea?
    Catch ya L8ter

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    bbayjohn usually he sells a lot of garmin products, thats probably the biggest give away.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    I never thought that my original post
    about being ripped off on ebay would
    cause such a stir on here.
    How supprising was it to see so many
    others in the same boat from the same
    You here of fraud happening but you never
    think that it will happen to you but it did.
    I hope that everyone else has received their
    goods from this bloke and i suppose with
    the amount of views to this thread others might
    just be a little bit careful about who they buy
    from on line.

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    Too True Gawby,
    Its amazing how one person can make a difference. By you exposing this bloke, you probably saved quite a few fellow fisho's from months of heartache wondering if their gear would ever arrive. Not to mention putting the wind up this guy and the possiblities of him getting into serious trouble with the cops. If anyone else has been stung by this lowlife, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. Get onto the Bundie Police and get the ball rolling to give this bloke a change of address, preferably to Her Majesty Prison. Stick it right back at him...
    Fillet and Release Squad

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    Re: Being Ripped Off

    i just found this post, too late though, i got a navman 550 off ebay and havent got it yet, from a mr barry geaie, though obviously that name is no longer there, so ebay cant do a thing. i do have some hope though, i guess if some people go their gps, mayb i will. he seems to by them from discount marine world
    i emailed them and they said they know him and will look into it.
    so i wait and hope,, and if garry is reading this... please get your act together!!! and while your at it, send me my gps! i saved up for this no i have nothing

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