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Thread: some pics

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    some pics

    got my new cam to work, thanks chopper
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: some pics

    and more runts
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: some pics

    still more fishies
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: some pics

    and still i keep on going hehe
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: some pics

    No excuses for a photo of every fish now nugg. what a tiny jack bahahahahhahahaha

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    Re: some pics

    hehehe i love him, i think im winning the smallest surface jack 4 07 hehehe
    figjam :wink:

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    Re: some pics

    hey nugg there some nice tarpon u got there keep the good fish comein
    oi that was a massive jack hey nah just jokin how about that taylor u lost at the twin waters were like a week ago the sucked hey

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    Re: some pics

    nice catch nuggstar some nice fish in that lot,
    cheers shane.

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    Re: some pics

    Nice Fish nuggstar

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    Re: some pics

    Nice fish Nuggstar keep the pictures coming

    Cheers Tom

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    Re: some pics

    good work buddy, also have to say them TD Sol's are a great reel!!

    bimini twist

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