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    Help regarding reels


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    Re: Help regarding reels

    $250 will buy you some very good reels, the Penn spinfishers will come in way under that ,though now made in China, they still seem to be OK, have yet to hear of a bad one, and the Rovex big boss seems to be getting a bit of a following as well, but there will heaps of others as well.

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    Re: Help regarding reels

    I know that it is most unfashionable and others will howl me down.

    But have you thaught of an alvey.

    a 500C7 will cost you about $100..... hold a good length of line and you wont break it. step down to a 500 BCXL and get lever drag for arround $70. ( you should be able to get better prices than that if you shop it)

    stick it on a solid 5 to 6" boat rod.

    and you have plenty of money left over for a little spin outfit & some terminal tackle & line.


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    Re: Help regarding reels

    I brought my bottom bashers for $250 chris combo's
    The phueger and the abu one is a 24 kg combo and the Abu is a 37 kg combo both spooled with 80lb Mono
    Cheers mate
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    Re: Help regarding reels

    If you don't want an overhead, Go the Penn Spinfisher. Good quality for the money.

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    Re: Help regarding reels

    Shimano Baitrunner would be my vote. Depending on water depth, required line capacity etc, probably the 6500 size. See BCF have them on sale, with rod for $199.

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    Re: Help regarding reels

    I would look at the Penn Spinfisher 8500ss or a Shimano Speros for that sort of work oin that budget
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    Re: Help regarding reels

    Thanks heaps for the help, i'll look into the reels suggested, cheers!

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