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    Question bream and whiting on poppers

    hey all

    im looking to get into fishing for bream and whiting on poppers. first of what line and leader strengths should i be using. also some poppers that work consistantly (hopefully not the 20+ $ ones ). and finally what sort of retrive should i be using???

    all help is appreciated


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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    Hey kiwi,
    i hav just got into this a bit myself.. i have found that it is two pretty different techniques for either species. Whiting seems to work best in the really shallow shallow flats around the pin for me..still day (and quiet) and a pretty consinent retrieve with the subtle bloop, bloop in between.. The really small poppers have been doing the damage.. surecatch or berkley have some under $10 that work for me.. also the new ones from bushy and starlo look very simliar and sure they would work. I have been using 4lb fireline but with 8- 15lb leader of about just under a metre.. have lost a couple of flatties hence the reason some times using the thicker stuff.

    The bream are i bit different but from what i havve tried ..slower retrieve and instead of actual poppers, surface lures or just sub surface lures are the go.(still get the visual strike with the polaroids on) if u see the fish following sometimes a subtle stop will get it to strike. similar set up to above would do the job..with the red monster about you may lose a bit of hardware but that is fishing.
    The fishing dvd number 8 has a good segment on it if you can track it down..

    By no means am i a expert but that works for me....all be it only on some occasion...s have fun regards Poppers81

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    the clear yellow surecatch ones are awsome. also the river 2 sea bubble pops with the paint scratched off. 6 lb leader is fine.
    bream love poppers but only at certain times and surface lures will outfish anything else sometimes. manly during the morning around 6-9am with an incoming tide.
    just remember to pause the lure if bream try to eat it.
    you will find the fish wanting a poper only 30mm 1 day and the next wanting a lure 50mm.

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    Gedday Kiwi. Had my first attempt at poppers a couple of weeks ago around Donnybrook and managed to land a small bream drifting in about 30 cm's of water as the tide was filling. The bream actually hit the popper when it was stopped and I was trying to not fall out the tinny as we caught on the sand. Also hooked a very large whiting as well right next to the boat but didn't hook him properly and lost him. I have only just begun to try this method and am using surecatch poppers ( 3 for $10) on my plastics rig. 6 pound braid and 10 pound vanish leader. Will continue to experiment with retrieves but others on here might have more specific advice. Good luck with it mate!!
    Cheers Terry.............

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    thanks boys for the information and help
    have got sum surecatch ones so will try them out.

    also has anyone done any good at night with them if so is it the same sort of retieve or totally different?????


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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    hey Kiwi
    Cant go past surecatch poppers for consistancy, love em for bream, whiting and bass. Cheap as chips too, long cast near the edges or over weed beds let sit for 20 secs or so then 2 or 3 pops and pause all the way to the boat. thats for bream and bass but for whiting quick retreave popping all the way.
    Nothing more exciting then surface fishing when the fish want to play the game.

    GOOD luck

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    I've just picked up a box of 5 under the gillies brand at bcf for about $15..... they may be similar to the surecatch ones.


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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    excuse my stupidity...but what are poppers?

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    They are those little Tetra Packs of juice that the kids have in their lunch boxes!

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    and the crowd goes wild...your a funny man!!!
    anyone with a constructive comment?

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    anything small and clear, river 2 sea with the paint sanded off i found work just as well as those clear $20 ones. latley i have opted for a faster retrieve with very little if any pause and i have seen anywhere up to 10 fish at once chasing the popper. also i have been having a fair bit of success at night in less then 5 inches. just spend a bit of time looking around for those small glass shrimp on the surface find them i have found you can't go wrong

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    Poppers are surface lures with usually a cupped face designed to displace water on the retrieve.

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    Some piccies for your viewing pleasure

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    've been looking for the surecatch poppers for a couple of weeks with no luck. Can anyone tell me what stores they are available from. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: bream and whiting on poppers

    Very nice. The bubble pops are sexy.
    my poppers,

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