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    Brisbane River Boat Ramps


    Does anyone used the boat ramps at Breakfast Creek or Long Pocket. Is parking with a trailer a hassle. Are there many ski boats. Does the current create problems. Are the ramps slippery. Are they OK at low tide. Any other comments.


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    Re: Brisbane River Boat Ramps


    I use the Brekkie Creek ramp opposite Whitworths, theres also a ramp next to "the Wharf" complex which I havent used. The car park is small, but is rarely full, it is also quite sheltered so no chop to contend with getting on and off the trailer. The biggest issue is that it gets quite shallow, so I expect you may have trouble on low in a larger boat, this probably explains why not to many people use the ramp. Expect to get muddy feet if you come in on low tide, however, there is a shower in the car park. There is also no beach to use on either side of the ramp, you basically leave your boat on the ramp while you get your car, this isn't an issue due to the low volumes of people that use it. There is also a covered picnic table and Bar-b-ques adjacent to the car park.

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Brisbane River Boat Ramps

    The ramp beside the restaurants is VERY slippery (my butt has met it serveral times while cast netting - great spot for poddy mullet). The ramp is also short - my cast net as also met the edge (been stuck) many times and has had a few little holes from this over the years.....

    Its also very muddy / messy below tidal water mark, and to both sides. Could suit a small tinny, but I wouldnt launch any decent glass boat there - no where to beach it and boat would be on concrete ramp etc and I HATE mud in the boat..

    Just my opinion though.

    I wonder why the shut that ramp down at the base of the cliffs years ago... Bit of a bummer.

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    Re: Brisbane River Boat Ramps

    The Long Pocket ramp is very good. Plenty of parking, toilets etc. and has its own pontoon. Only problem is a drop off at low tide, but having said that have put in my boat (6.8mtr) at low tide. Just need a bit of care.
    Can be a bit muddy towards low tide.
    Weekends there can be a few skiers but every morning there are the rowers and paddlers

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