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    QLD Trailer Registration

    Just hoping someone may be able to help me before trying to contact QLD Transport tomorrow. I have a new Dunbier trailer that I need to register it has a TARE of 300kg ATM of 1180kg GTM of 1180kg and is single axle fitted with hydraulic brakes. Do I need to get a safety certificate from a local garage like registering a car or can they do the safety inspection at the Transport office? Do I need to get third party liability insurance before applying for registration? Does anybody know which offices on the Gold Coast do register trailers.


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    Re: QLD Trailer Registration

    #########, no safety cert is needed if the trailer is under 2t atm. third party is inc in your rego costs. i would think that any offices in the big smoke would rego trailers.
    regards geoff, mackay

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    Re: QLD Trailer Registration

    Mine is a duel wheel tare500kg -ATM 1990kg with brakes on one axel and have to have a safety inspection . theres two places that i have found that do it one at southport-nerang road next to chepa autos. they other is just down from baily cresent next to the marine yard.$50 or mobile roadworthys Bill 0412311379 AT $70

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    Re: QLD Trailer Registration

    Just been through the whole thing, so after a half a day of constructive nothing, two trips to the tport dept, the trailer still isnt registered. Why? Coppers didnt take it off the stolen register back in April. The response from them, I dont think we can do it, but they are looking at it. Still dealing with them.

    The story with trailer rego. Single axle under a tare of 750kg. Overall weight under 2 tonne.

    No safty cert required if VIN attached (should have one from the manufacturer, in my case built it myself, purchased vin from TPORT dept FOR $5.15)

    Fill out new rego form, fill out self assesment of single trailers form, a little bit of measuring on your part. I am happy to pass all the details you need so you are not stuffed around at the tport dept. Pay the bucks (65.00), they do not need to see the trailer if this is the scenario.

    All trailers over 750 kg requires a saftey cert.

    My trailer did not have a VIN, so I had to get it weighted at a cert weighbridge, cost 15 dollars, and no dramas. It come in at 480kg for a twin axle, with brakes to carry a cat of around 5.2-5.4. I was surprised as I thought it would be heavier. Next step is a saftey cert, he will punch the VIN and spend a moment going over the trailer, again no probs (Part with 29.00). You will need to know the weight in total, hint anything under 1950 is good as long as the tyres and axles can handle it.

    Back to the tport dept (apart fer the waiting they for very helpful) have the VIN, the new rego form the weigh bridge form and the trailer for a sight inspection. I think its going to cost just under 100.00 ( could be 85.00) but dont trust me on that one.

    Hope that helps and saves someone a little time

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    Re: QLD Trailer Registration

    If it's a brand new trailer from a manufacurer you do not need a safty certificate,but the trailer still needs to go in to be measured,small trailer's can be self- assesed.

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    Re: QLD Trailer Registration

    If the ATM is over 750kg the trailer must have brakes and must have the ATM and VIN marked on the trailer and "MUST" have a safety certificate to transfer or register and as usual if you havent before hand, you have to supply proof of ownership

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