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    Re: Lake Borumba 18-09-07

    nice fillets pete ha ha u just coped it from the ###### brigade????

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    Re: Lake Borumba 18-09-07

    whingeing bitches comment
    Quote Originally Posted by TIMMY 666 View Post
    And you sound like a very intelligent person...
    yeah but hes right

    top session there pete ya naughty boy
    some nice fat bass there and good work on the toga gota love catching fish on home mades

    Cheers Shane
    Last edited by shin25; 23-09-2007 at 10:55 AM.

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    Re: Lake Borumba 18-09-07

    Quote Originally Posted by jackextracter View Post
    PS.people on this site call me the fish police, but i think yous fit in to that place better then me.
    yeah i may have labeled ya that before but sorry mate your right
    youve defiantly lost that title now these boys take the prize lol

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    Re: Lake Borumba 18-09-07

    Pete Can't wait for the HARDS two hours banging out then two hours banging back in with a feed of fish will make you feel better......

    good thing you didn't mention how you stretched them with pliers to get make them bigger.....

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    Re: Lake Borumba 18-09-07



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