View Poll Results: What is your favorite spinning (threadline) reel?

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  • Daiwa

    180 40.00%
  • Shimano

    173 38.44%
  • Okuma

    27 6.00%
  • Penn

    37 8.22%
  • other

    33 7.33%
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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I vote Diawa for there reels and Shimano HANDS DOWN BEST SERVICE!

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    totally agree shimano ,,i have the tld25 and the tld50 also own a couple of se######ins for the surf and a avet quad for larger kingfish,, cheers freddyboy

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I own both Shimano & Daiwa spinning reels and find with braid the Daiwa reels are far better.

    Cheers Tod

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Ive always used shmano, theyve done the job for me. Also had succes with penn spinfishers , there extremely tough and good for the price.
    I have tried daiwa but found they haven,t been as good as shimano.

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I own

    2x Penn Captiva
    1x Fin-Nor Ultraquest

    I prefer the Fin-Nor, it's a MUCH smoother reel. The Penns tend to leave me with a very sore wrist after a few hours of lure fishing.

    I intend to try a shimano next.. Something around $200~


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