View Poll Results: What is your favorite spinning (threadline) reel?

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  • Daiwa

    180 40.00%
  • Shimano

    173 38.44%
  • Okuma

    27 6.00%
  • Penn

    37 8.22%
  • other

    33 7.33%
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    Which reels do you prefer?

    For spinning (threadline) reels, what brand do you prefer?

    Now I am not going to include a sitting on the fence option!

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I knew it, 100% Daiwa......oh......hang on, I'm the only one to vote yet!!!!

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I've always bought Shimano.

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Alvey then Shimano hands down

    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Been thru most every brand thats under 400 bucks mark and currently having a good run with okuma spinning reels.
    Got a shed full of diawa shimano shakespeare and pfleugar and dam reels collecting dust these days.


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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    if im absolutly positively certain my Alvey can't do the job, which is very very rarely, I go shimano or penn.


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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Other......Abu Garcia

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I'm with you tailor taker, i've had quite a few Abu Garcias over the years and they are all still going.
    Not one of them has ever let me down.

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I did love Shimano ...until i found Miya Epoch.....


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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Lazy bugger Mick

    I can't fault the old Penn spinfisher, tough as old boots and reliable. Recently picked up a 560l & 460l liveliner slammers...same tough quality...

    Like the affinity for SP work too...nice drags so its penn for me!



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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tailortaker View Post
    Other......Abu Garcia
    Me too...

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    As I recently found out .... A top of the line Shimano (Stella 2000SR) cant cut it against a third string Daiwa Certate 1500 ...... Sure it is a nice looking reel , lighter than a Certate , a fraction smoother ....... The drag system is only equal ...... But it casts like crap due to the line lay & twist (changed the line 3 times ... Superbraid to Nitlon Flurocarbon now to Fins) ..... Changed the rods it was used with ( T Curve 702XL , Millerod Bream buster to Nitro Powerbream) !
    The Certate 1500 is happy to live on all the rods ... & casts virtually in a faultless manner

    I've always had a high regard for Daiwa Spin reels ..... & now that I have compared the two ..... My opinion has been reinforced! ..... Nagg

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Shimano for me.....It was my first good reel so I just stuck with that brand.
    All reels mentioned are good gear if you learn to use them correctly and keep them clean and serviced.

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    Its a pretty limited poll, Wheres the rest like Van Staal, abu, Mitchell, Fin-nor, Pflueger, Quantum, Banax, Zeebas, Tica.

    My vote goes to other

    Cheers Chris

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    Re: Which reels do you prefer?

    I have used Penn Applause 4000 for barra in the impoundments (casting & trolling), for snapper/squire/mackeral/sharks in the bay, and for flathead/sharks in the estuaries.

    Cannot fault this reel for its versatility and performance all for under $100!


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