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    Danger At Clontarf

    Went out for quick run monday arvo. Came back about 7.30pm and heading back into ramp at pelican park, i could see the boat dredging.
    Outside the ramp entrance about 300met out there was a second boat and it did not have a single light on it.
    It was only that i knew both boats were there on way out that i was looking. It wasnt till i was real close that i saw this boat. It was the other dredge.
    I thought it was against the law to have a stationary boat without a light that can be seen 360 deg.
    I didnt know who to ring, because it was downright dangerous.
    I would have had no hesitation in dobing them in.

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    Re: Danger At Clontarf

    Maybe the council or fisheries . Is it much deeper going out from the ramp since they started dredging ?

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    Re: Danger At Clontarf

    water police maybe ?
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    Re: Danger At Clontarf

    About time they did it...i stoped using it if it was likely that id come back anywhere near low water...
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    Re: Danger At Clontarf

    I would probably ring the Harbour master. He would have a word with them for sure as it is literally his harbour and his responsibility and they are operated by him.
    You could ring the Water Police if you wish but I am inclined to think they would not give it a very great priority. Water Police (White Island) 38950333

    Or one of these two numbers, I am not sure which one?

    Port Office
    1 Sandpiper Avenue
    3258 4888

    Port of Brisbane Operations Base
    Howard Smith Drive
    3258 4609

    The Dredges themselves are owned and operated by the Port of Brisbane Authority anyway. Here is the page with their Vessel Fleet on

    The other group you could contact would of course be Queensland Transport Maritime Division "Whistle Blowers Hotline".
    How to report
    Telephone 3120 7496 and leave a message that will be recorded.

    If you want a return telephone call, leave your name and contact telephone number. Under the Acts, your details will remain confidential.

    Chances are, you can expect to wait in a line and eventually be told that you should ring someone else being all Gov type agencies but at this stage I don't think you talk to Pakistan or India yet

    Good luck, I hope you follow through as it is an important issue and the big boys should set the example for us little blokes and they have to follow the rules like the rest of us.

    Cheers Lloyd

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    Re: Danger At Clontarf

    Lights would be a must but I would also think that there would be flags and symbols that must be displayed when dredging is under way.

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