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Thread: calliope river

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    calliope river

    hi guys,
    just woundering what the calliope river fishes like. I just recieved an early bday present(3.8m stacer and 15hp johnston) and pondering on places to fish.
    I am also concidering the lillies. i am located arond tannum sands. and would like to catch something.
    Any advice would be appreceiated.
    Thanx guys

    (i moved this thread from saltwater pics)

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    Re: calliope river

    Gday Cobia Kid,

    The calliope is very hit and miss can produce some really nice fish have to be careful from half tide down has a lot of rocks there are still some nice salmon getting around.

    Cheers Gladdy

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    Re: calliope river

    Try the lillies first. Alot more options there. Watch out for the rocks after the black pipe bridge. I like the run out tide of a night for grunter and salmon. Caught a few salmon up the anabranch a few weeks ago at the start of the run in. Take some chook pellets soaked in tuna oil for the lillies.

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    Re: calliope river

    thanx for that guys

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