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    Brisbane Jack fishos

    After a short discussion with Chalkandcheese about Mangrove jack stocks, the other day, I started thinking about a solution if things start to decline. If this was the case, what would stop a group of “jack aficionados” from getting together to raise money to stock the Pumicestone Passage creeks with fingerlings. I don’t imagine it would cost that much, it is free from pro fishermen as far as I know and would be a fantastic fishery if heavily stocked. Maybe an annual MJ fishing comp based at Coochin Creek camping ground would be a good fundraiser. It’s just a thought, and there are probably good reasons why it can’t happen, but can any body tell me why?

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I'm no expert, but wouldn't "heavily stocking" an agressive preditory fish have a negative effect on other species that spawn/live in the passage??

    Just a question, not a criticism. No doubt there will be better educated responses than mine to follow on this thread.

    Looking forward to reading them

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    mangrove jack stocks are fine
    and unless your fingerlings were from fish taken out of the area you plan to stock i dnt think it would be a good idea and there bloody expensive

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos


    As shin pointed out, the cost factor would be pretty phenonemal. I dont think stocking is needed for jacks, but more so a way to protect what stock we have. Possible max size limit, introducing a bag limit etc etc...

    Whoever thinks that jacks aren't declining in south east queensland is dreaming.


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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    [quote=Chalkandcheese;682009] Possible max size limit, introducing a bag limit etc etc...

    Bag limit of one I'd say.

    Ok lets change "heavily stocking" to "stocking to revert to natural levels". I recon natural levels would still provide a great fishery. They have bred them at Bribie already & stocked Tinaroo & Awoonga.

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I reckon a max size and a bag limit is what we need but make the max size limit around 50cm range cause thats the main size when they leave to go breed, if there is a max size on stupid flathead why wouldnt they put one on jacks.
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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I think we should just do more to protect their habitat, introduce a appropriate bag limit and max. size than stocking. How would you know how many to stock without say affecting the local population of whiting, bream, etc?

    We need one thing "Mangroves" they are the life blood of nearly all our species...too many canal estates etc ripping them out.

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I can't see why you even feel a decline in Jack population may happen.

    By all accounts plenty are being caught and a great majority are being released.
    If stocks start to decline , I would hope that the right authorities would impose a bag restriction or a seasonal no fish period.


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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    Changing bag sizes and limits is only going to annoying offshore fishermen. I personally don't think that stocking is required, last season i caught numerous small jacks and saw dozens more. Stocking a fishery is not the best solution, it just covers up the underlying problem that has prevented the natural population from breeding. Money could be better spent on changing what is causing decline, which is probably more likely to be pollution and habitat loss (if a decline has even happened) or conducting a proper survey of population size and a study of their breeding habits. With all these new epa closure proposals floating around i wonder if anyone has considered catch and release fisheries. As in areas identified as prime breeding grounds with ecological significance made into area of only catch and release. This could even be species specific and is a good compromise between blanket bans and open slather.
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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I thought I read somewhere that the bag limit was coming in. I think its a limit of 2. Can anyone confirm? It was in a Qld magazine only a few months ago.


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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I agree with almost everything Jeremy has said above, I’d just add these thoughts in to the mix;
    Are size limits an answer, a jack is a jack, small ones are tomorrows breeders.

    Bag limits, I could be wrong but I don’t think too many offshore guys come in with kill tanks full of jacks, if there is an offender there it would be more likely some of the estuary guys.

    What is a natural population, if you remove 1000 MJ from a river one season will 1000 extra fingerlings survive in the next year, if you have a total ban will 1000 more fingerlings feed their older cousins? Natural balance is what we need, does having 10000 high tech. jack fishermen in the S.E. effect the balance, maybe not. That is one for the scientists, I think.

    I think Jeremy is right about habitat but we’re not going to stop progress and jack’s we all know don’t mind a bridge pylon or jetty look at the gold coast. But I do like the C&R area idea; I have seen nothing but shock and disgust from fishermen both on this site and elsewhere over the issue of green zones, I think there is a little more balance needed. Oops did I just say that I think I might increase my life insurance now.

    Please keep the thoughts coming.

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    Quote Originally Posted by the gecko View Post
    I thought I read somewhere that the bag limit was coming in. I think its a limit of 2. Can anyone confirm? It was in a Qld magazine only a few months ago.


    DPI web site 12/9/07

    East coast 35cm no bag limit

    Gulf of carpentaria 35cm bag limit 5

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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    I think Didley has raised a good point. He is thinking of tackling an issue before it becomes a problem. Although I don't think stocking would be needed until there was a definate decline, the discussion this thread is starting is good for the stocks of any fish species.

    I think a bag limit of 2 is a great idea and hope it does get implemented. Not that it will affect me, I've only caught a tidler jack who is swimming around waiting for me to catch it again this season. Hopefully I get his bug brother this season for a feed.


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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    Not that it will affect me, I've only caught a tidler jack who is swimming around waiting for me to catch it again this season. Hopefully I get his bug brother this season for a feed.


    U don't know what ya missin Brett, as they get bigger they become very slugish, a bit like draging a wet pillow in, not worth your trouble. I'd chase flathead and whiting if i were U
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    Re: Brisbane Jack fishos

    Just been reeding through a couple of articles, one of interest released by csiro publishing is based on a survey on the different strains of mangrove jack throughout the australasian region showed significant genetic variability between locations and suggested;

    “Fine-scale ecological matching between donor and recipient populations may increase stocking success, and is important if translocation is needed as a species recovery tool in the future.” (Ovender, J.R and Street, Raewyn,2003)

    The study took samples from 268 sites throughout australia.

    While this doesn't give any insight to population numbers and if they are increasing or declining it does give us the reassurance that this study has already been done and restocking is feasible provided that we take strains from the local area.

    The article has been locked for people subscribed to csiro (have access through uni). If anyone want to look it up and have access the study is called;
    Genetic population structure of mangrove jack.
    Marine and freshwater research, 2003, 54, 127-137

    I did try to look for population size studies aswell but alas no luck as yet. The best bet is through suntag for population sizes growth etc.

    You can use tagging data to estimate population size if you know 3 variables.
    1. number of fish tagged
    2. number of fish recaptured with a tag
    3. number of fish recaptured without a tag
    While you can get the first 2 bits of data from suntag you can't get the 3rd and it's data is not area specific. If anyone is a member of suntag and can access this information the population size can be estimated and if we have data over several years we could also estimate population change instead on relying on 'opinion'.

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