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    Question gold coast sun 17th sep

    Hi guys I'm looking at going outside if weater is good just wondering if anyone else is doing so as we might catch up for a chat etc.

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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    where abouts are u lookin at goin once out from the seaway is it ?
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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    Wind and swell are looking good for sunday - (and that would be 16th September) -

    what time are you headin' out?

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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    heading out about light was going to see what weather was like maybe 24's? Are you guys keen. Taking my old man out to get some livies from scottish prince 1st.

    Hope we can catch up
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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    Gee guys I can't wait weather is looking awesome, hope the fishing is the same. Where were you guys going to go to(approx no gps points needed)

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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    Probably out to the 24s SE

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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    it is looking like it will be sloppy and choppy to me based on the forecast today friday the 14th. Not a big swell and fishable but very uncomfortable. Not the best wind for the fish either.

    Think I'll go to Jumpinpin instead!

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    Unhappy Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    Yep, the mid-week forecasts looked OK but true to form, the weekend weather demons look like cursing us again.

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    Re: gold coast sun 17th sep

    Going down to the pin in the morn to try for a few sandies, flathead, and whiting.

    Hope everyone has a good one.

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