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Thread: Store name filtering

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    Store name filtering

    Is there a filter that removes a certain chain store name from posts i.e. ##### or is it on my computer (net nanny)

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    Re: Store name filtering

    Is that a certain mart by any chance, cause yer it happened to me, I didnt know that is was'nt to be named so can someone tell me why? it dosnt really bother me as I dont like thae place much anyway.
    Cheers TT
    Lovely Wendie99

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    Re: Store name filtering

    That is my guess too. Maybe tey have been mentioned in a defamitary way before, and there is some legal stuff in place.

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    Re: Store name filtering

    Question is A or K?

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    Re: Store name filtering

    I chose answer A.

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    Re: Store name filtering

    The answer to the quiz is A, or dare i say it #########. Still don't know Y

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    Re: Store name filtering

    The store in question stole fish images from this site and used them in an advertising campaign. They have been banned from being mentioned on this site. The two images they stole are located on this page


    If a company name gets filtered there is always a very good reason. Do not attempt to get around the filter or you will be banned from the site. I hate thieves and hate it even more when people support them.


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    Re: Store name filtering

    Thanks for that steve. the bar stools hey... .. I dont like them anyway but replied to someone wanting to know where to get bragmats from and mentioned them. I'll know in future now.
    Cheers TT
    Problems From Wellbutrin

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    Re: Store name filtering

    Thanks Steve
    Consider me educated , and a little wiser, my intention was to go and buy a Shimano Stradic 4000 reel from them tomorrow, as they have them at a good price. However I am sure others will match that price, and if that is not possible such is life. I believe karma has its own way of dealing with these things and this is how it works out.


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