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  • I am right handed and wind with my right hand

    207 58.31%
  • I am right handed and wind with my left hand

    84 23.66%
  • I am left handed and wind with my left hand

    4 1.13%
  • I am left handed and wind with my right hand

    32 9.01%
  • Doesn't worry me - I am very talented and can wind with either hands!

    28 7.89%
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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Mmmmmmmm. Looks as if im the only left hander thats winds with the left hand! Have often been told i'm one of a kind (in various ways!). It works for me and as far as i can see, its me that's doing the winding when i'm fishing. Each to his/her own!

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    right rod left wind its all about control with lite gear.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Have just been reading an old John Turnbull book and he gives another good reason to left wind.

    in this book it recomends casting an egg beater using the index finger on the edge of the spool rather than on the rod to hold & release the line.

    aparantly this allows far greater controll and the ability to stop or feather cast as it is flying.

    because of the direction that the spool is wound, this is only practical with a right hand cast.

    Now I had a go at this today.... & I can certainly sse the point.
    Certainly requires more practice and stronger fingure presure...... and longer fingers than mine.

    just a thaught.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    I cast right handed and wind left. Makes sense not having to swap and also using your dominant side to angle the fish with. I was taught this as a kid and I find it almost impossible to wind right handed!!!

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    I can't see that my left arm is any weaker than my right even though I am right handed. Coordination of my left for some practices is a struggle but then again the right has problems doing some things the left arm finds easy and normal. I can easily write left or right handed with a slight preference to right handedness.

    I find that different situations will predict what is needed left or right.

    Winding with the right is a pain tho.

    Do what is comfortable as there is definitely no sound reasoning to doing things uncomfortably. There are no benefits in torment.


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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    right handed, left hand cast , right hand retrieve

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Cast with either wind with either, but if I cast with right arm, wind with left and visa versa although I have tennis elbow in my my left arm at the moment, (7 months so far!) so am tending to cast with right arm, wind with left.

    When having a big casting session, I'll often have two rods, one set left handed, one right and swap them around so I dont get to sore.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Just a few more observations.

    the custom if you are right handed is to
    wind right handed for an alvey or other centre pin unless its a fly reel

    wind left handed on a fly reel

    wind right handed on a bait caster or other overhead

    wind left handed on a threadline or egg beater

    wind right handed or two handed on a deck winch

    Now it occurs to me that there is more to it than the reel.
    A lot of it seems to be the way the rods are set up & handled and the way the particular outfit is generaly fished.

    The high end blokes who cast bait casters dont seem to think its a problem changing hands... it just seems a part of the rythum.

    Bu i can see that changing hands on a threadline would be less convienient because of the way the rod is held

    Casting an alvey is ( at least for me) a two handed affair and the cast repitition issue dosn't arrise......even on an alvey ther is quite some disagreement on which hand goes where when casting


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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Right handed, cast right and wind left. I first learnt to fish with a fly rod so it feels more natural this way.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    I purchasd one of the first threadline reels into australia back in the mid 1950"s from the "Hi ho" sports store in Sydney owned by Jack Davey.This small threadline was a Mitchell Cap..From memory it was only available in left hand wind and I was instructed to cast with the right hand. I have followed this policy on all rods that can be cast one handed for over 50 years.Any rod requiring a two handed cast I wind right handed and I'm right handed in everything else

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    I tend to mainly cast with right hand and wind with the left, makes it heaps easier when using lures as it means i dont have to swap back and forth when casting and retreiving. Took me a bit to get used to but now I swear by it. Mind you, when using bait casters i can easily move back to a right hand retreive.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    I'm another one brought up in the UK. When I first experienced the Ozzie reels, I was confused and thought that perhaps I had picked up a left-handed one by mistake. When I realised that this is just the way you guys do it...well, I became even more confused !!

    As has been said before, we are taught that the rod is an extension of your arm, thus it is controlled by your dominant side.

    Jeremy87 argues that strength is required in the hand that does the reeling in - I don't believe this is the case. Pumping the rod whilst reeling in means that minimal physical effort goes into reeling in line.

    I would urge people who haven't tried it, to give it a go with an open mind. It might feel strange at first, but the benefits of using your dominant arm to control the rod, plus not having to change hands all the time, will make it worth it.

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    i am with markallwood on this, being born in the uk and always casting right winding left it surprised the hell out of me to use an aussie set up rod, i use spinners b/cs and alveys and all are set up for left crank, i just cant get used to right hand crank and i cant cast for s#*t with my left hand

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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    As I mentioned earlier, there is more to it what strength is needed for.

    Different reels are handled and mounted on the rod differently.

    I am very comfortable casting right & winding left with an egg beater, but it just feels wrong to handle an alvey that way.

    Wth an alvey the left hand does more than heave on the rod and the right does more than wind.

    Working an alvey is a far more intimate operation. Many view the reel as being crude..........the reel in use is is far from crude.
    Almost without exception other reels the emphasis is on casting and retreeving.
    With an alvey the empasis is in fishing and staying in contact with the line particularly in smaller sizes.
    When it comes to a brut strength contest you dont have to pump and wind to save your gearing ( you still pump and wind)even on a small alvey, You can safely apply more force line with an alvey than any other reel type of an equavalent line class and you have direct feel of line tension.
    If working without a drag the right hand regulates line tension on the pump and can then keep more preasuer on during the wind.
    there are very good reasons to right wind an alvey.


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    Re: Right or left handed winding?

    Ahh but you dont have to cast an alvey with the left.

    It is rare to cast an alvey single hand.

    The text book casting position for both an alvey and a two handed egg beater realy arent that different.

    right hand up the rod and left hand near the but....the reel just happens to be in a different place and a different hand releases the line.

    I mostly cast my alvey's the other way round.... right hand on the reel.


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