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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Really excellent thread - I'm with the others who are interested to hear about a completely different style of fishing.......certainly something I didnt even know existed....would love to see it but I would be one of the poor fellows jigsnreels talks about...a green mess on the bottom of the boat. Do you ever see sunfish or whales/orcas?

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    forgot to ask...who the hell spears on scuba? I would hardly call it a common practice these fact not for over 30 years. It was legal in WA (and maybe still is) but it sure isnt in any of the Eastern states. I have dived over a lot (but not all) of Aust in the last 15 years and never met anyone who would even consider it, legal or not.

    In terms of amateur impacts which is more sustainable?? Is a fishery like tailor more sustainable when you have hundreds (thousands over a season)of people on a Fraser & Moreton Island beaches taking their bag limits daily when the tailor are on as opposed to these deep water amateurs (with small boats) who in their own words get out a few times a year and hopefully catch a good feed. These guys from the sound of things are in the middle of bloody nowhere with nary another boat in sight - what kind of impact is that? If they were doing it everyday it would be a different story

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    I must say my simple thread turned out to be a contraversial one
    Thanks to everyone who helped.
    Ill see what I can come up with next to get people to enjoy.
    To those who fish all types and areas please fish safe as we lost another fisho to the rocks the other day.
    To all fish the way you enjoy and please adhere to bag limits everywhere as theese limits are put there to sustain our fishing future and our kids, limits are there for a reason.
    Again thanks to all myself and others have enjoyed your comments.

    Creers Steve.

    Tight lines all

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    spearing on scuba is still legal in WA but mainly used to catch crays in their holes. Anybody that scuba dives would not get many fish with spear as the fish are wary of the air bubbles expelled. Freediving (no air tanks) you get closer and the fish will come to you as they are curious. Spearfishing is more about the hunt and discipline to control your breathing and fitness than the actual spearing of the fish.

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Hey Hondaguy,
    thanks for the heads up about WA. On the freediving side I regularly go out with spearos - although I dont spear but fish and scuba (not at same time). 2 of my closest friends are ex& current aus champions.....both get amazing captures and have dived to 40m about breathing and fitness

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Maybe Nagg should goin Green Peace and go down to Antartica and protect the Whales...and leave us LAW abiding citizens alone...


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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Here is a good link for Electric reels

    Alvey Deck winches are ok...just not my prefered method....

    You can even use say...Tyrnos 30...with a 15-24 kg rod...80 lb braid and a 16 0z sinker...but it just makes really hard work of retrieveing fish from depths over 100 fathom..

    Most electric reels retrieve at around 70 fathom a minute...

    Even checking your bait at 70 fathom+ is a chore after that is why i am now selling off my overhead reels and going the 12volt way...

    Cheers Mick

    PS....Once your are out in the deeper water...I personally think that things such as Glow beads...Sticks...ect...become a must...

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    On my lines I have found that a longish length of "glow tube" works much better than beads, not too sure if it looks like a worm thing or something, but it certainly works better, and I also find that the Green/Yellow works heaps better than the Red Glow.

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Hey Snelly, Noelm, jigsnreels,
    forgot to you feel bites in that depth or just pull the line up and see what is there

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    if you are using Braid or Cord and you get a good fish, you will feel it! don't worry about that, if you get a REALLY good fish, you will get a 'run" kind of exciting when you have K of cord out with a few KG's of lead on it and you have to "hang on" Blue Eye especially I think bite really hard, kind of like a Snapper or something, they seem to grab it a shake their head/body or something.

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    As Noelm said, no problemfeeling bites if you're using braid, even in 1500'. Yep, we see the very occasional sunfish and orca.

    Some guys were droplining out from St Helens and their winch suddenly went berserk as they were winding it up. Really berserk. Couldn't put a hand near it, the winch handle would have taken it off. 700lb mono zipping off. A moment later, theysaw what they'd hooked,

    a freakin' orca, all 7 metres and 7 tons of the thing. It had grabbed a blueye off the line. Exciting times for them. Luckily, it got off.

    Good tips there re the glowsticks, haven't worried about them but will give them a go


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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    A good source of beads...lumo tube...and little flashing light ect is Wellseys Tackle..


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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Thanks guys
    Top story about the orca - bloody amazing....just as well it got off and didnt tow your boat under Also amazed you can feel the "bites" in that depth even with no stretch in the line

    cheers, MIke

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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Quote Originally Posted by snelly1971 View Post
    Maybe Nagg should goin Green Peace and go down to Antartica and protect the Whales...and leave us LAW abiding citizens alone...

    Mick ... Why is it when someone expresses an opinion that differs from some that they get labeled (Greenie or whatever) ....... Personally I think the TAS LAW is an Ass ..... Regardless of the legality or not! ...... Many legal fishing practices have nearly wiped out many species in the mainland states Professionals could use floating king fish traps ........ While totally legal ..... It virtually lead to the situation where you could not catch as an armature a legal size kingie. Then since the traps have become banned the fishery has improved 10 fold.
    The NT have managed their Barra fishery exceptionally well ...... & hence the fishery is healthy ..... compare it to the Qld wild barra fishery .... & it is a different kettle of fish ...... but it is improving since the laws changed
    ........ So as you can see ..... I'm not a tree hugging greenie ..... more like a concerned fisho who can see what can happens without decent sustainable practices ....... & 120 hooks attached to floating drop lines is not one of them!(30 hooks x 4 / boat) .... I bet those people that used to take all of those big snapper out of PPB during the 60s & 70s would love to have changed their practices ...... Nagg

    PS ..... How is the Bluefin Tuna fishery off Tasmania these days Hey a legal practice !

    PPS ..... & I dont accept some other arguments that because of the difficulties in fishing the area (weather , distance , population etc) will act as a circuit breaker ...... Lord Howe Island would be a pretty good comparison ..... & the fishery while still good (& well maintained) has declined over the last 20-30 years
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    Re: bottom bouncing the shelf

    Dont let it get to you Nagg,

    it's pretty obvious that some cant see the difference between sport, fishing & butcher work, but if that's what Tassie's powers that be have decided is a fair be it.

    Leave them to it, after all it's their fishery.


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