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    Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    Does anyone know of any PC programs for predicting fishing times?

    I have heard of fishpro but thats a bit pricey, I have also seen fishbyte6 but I dont always trust yank type stuff.

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    Re: Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    Ive got one simply called "solunar table calculator" written by Michael Brandt. It allows you to enter the date, latitude and longitude then spits out a table with sun rise/set, moon rise/set, major and minor activity periods and an overall rating for the day. Ive found it pretty useful.
    if you cant find it yourself pm me an email address and ill send you the install file.

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    Re: Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    Look no further then our good friend Nugget's site:

    Good luck,

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    Re: Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    never put too much faith in all that sort of stuff, prefer to make my own decisions, mainly because it can be very hard to have the time to fish at (say) 4:40PM on such and such a day not saying there may not be something in it, just reckon being "your own person" is a far better option than relying on some obscure chart or something, kind of like waiting for a report in the local newspaper before you go chasing Whiting, Snapper or something, beter to just do it when you have the chance.

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    Re: Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    I dont have the time to really follow them as I work a 7 day roster but I also need all the help I can get.

    I enjoy going fishing i dont really care so much about what or how much I catch, its just getting away from all the phones and such.

    Still like to catch fish but as the minister for social and domestic science is getting suspicious and asking questions like "why go you never bring anything home"


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    Re: Solunar tables or prediction programs?

    i see you are from Wollongong, in a short time when the water warms up a bit, you should have no problem coming home with a good feed of fish, this time of the year you need to be practically anchored on the rocks fishing for bream around the washes, not too long and you will be into Flathead and Snapper, then a short time later the Dollies will be on, so just be patient and fish for whats around here now, we live in a very seasonal area, ranging from good warm water to really chilly Winter conditions, so learn to use the seasons to your advantage.

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