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    smithbourne river - normanton ???

    heading up to the smithbourne river qld . Just wondering if anyone has been there before and what its like. Will be camping on the southern side near the mouth.

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    Mate I don't know where the smithbourne river is but the river at normanton is called the Norman river

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    its up the coast a bit.
    pelican island is at the mouth. cheers

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    Have a great trip

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    haven't been up there for a while but used to fish the area every year,

    used to use squid or mullet strips in the mouth in the deapest area on the out going tide on the bottom for grunter, check the min size and bag limit as it different to the rest of qld used to be 40cm and 10, must be kept whole while on a boat.

    head north to vandemons inlet and try up there aswell.

    will be plenty of crocs up there too.

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    noha let us no how your trip went as my mate is moving there at the end of the year so a I will hopefully get up there to have a fish .
    cheers fae haggis .......................................

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    be sure to let us know how u go. i live at mt isa and im always going to normanton and kurumba. mite have to try the smithbourne sumtime

    good luck mate


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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    I grew up in Normanton and the fishing up there is fantastic. If you are intending to fish the Smithburn just check as you will probably need a permit as I am pretty sure it runs through Delta Downs Station. There will also be lots of locked gates. Last time we fished on Delta we were lucky enough to have one of the guys from the Station come with us and he navigated (we would have been totally lost as the place is huge). If you do need a permit you can get them in Normanton. When you drive in the main street (Landsborough Street) you take the second street to the Right after the railway line(Dutton Street) and drive down till you almost hit Thompson Street. On the right hand side there is an small old heritage stone house (it would be about No. 44 I think - anyway it is the second house in from the corner of Dutton and Thompson). Out the back of the house is the office for the station and you can get permits there.
    Don't dismiss fishing the Norman river too. Last trip back up there some of the local guys were fishing off the old bridge just outside the town and in the middle of winter they were catching good barra (95cm) and threadfin, using live baits.

    Have a great time,

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    thanks for that. a mate of mine has already got permission to go there so its cool.

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    Re: smithbourne river - normanton ???

    Hey Noah just wondering how you got access to delta and did you have to pay ?

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