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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dug View Post
    The Keys are fed by the gulf stream current that is incredibly rich in nutrients but the reef idea still holds true.

    I am a supporter of closed areas and marine parks but the plan has to be a balanced one. If people are willing to spend time and money creating fish habitats then they should be encouraged not prosecuted. If they can prove what is dropped is harmful to the environment then fine! If it helps fish and does no harm WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?????
    That would be the problem, you only need one idiot to drop something toxic/full of oil/grease or whatever, and I`m sure there would be more than one, it would become a dumping ground where you`d get clowns who arent sure but would dump it anyhow.
    Very bad idea imo.

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    One besser block at a time is all it took me i built a niffty little reef in a quiet river system (far north coast) i't only took one week and it wa the new bream spot. not to menntion the jacks and cod that hanged around at night made great fun until a storm came along and covered it or washed it away, forty gallon dums hallowed out and tied together and weighed down make good school dew holes. sshhh.... Hahahaah. but i have given up now and feel its cheating or polluting.

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    why not. as long as its not perishable, go for it. just dont get caught doing it. it can be rewarding. and dont tell anyone about it. the more you tell, the more it get hammered. tell one person, they tell someone, then before you know it they're all cleaning up on your ground.
    good luck to all.

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    needs to be done up here in the bay would have great benefits
    "True Blue"

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    Hi everyone from what I understand, coral will not grow on Bricks, poles and the such, as that has cement used to form the hard structure. Coral will not grow on any thing that has lime/calcuim in it as man made.

    They will however grow barnicals and the like. So it really depends on what you are wanting to consruct, a reef or a haven for fish and what type you are wanting to attract.

    Cheers Ken.

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    Ok, if everyone is concerned about the enviroment, and to be honest, the chances of detering these guys is fairly slim. Surely there are a few enviromental experts that can list products that will not harm the enviroment, eg Besser blocks?????pvc pipes????? concrete with steel reo??????

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    Everyones so quick to say you gotta do this you gotta do that, but when it comes to some real advice everyone shuts up????

    I personally would think that the PVC pipes could become a problem long term, If they aren't secured down properly will they really be there in 20 years time??? They do have a tendency to get brittle in the sun, I imagine saltwater would speed up this process even more. Same as milk crates.

    I am no greenie, just giving an opinion. I don't know about the product too well but besser blocks seem like a fairly good option to me, just takes a while.....fairly easy to sneek a few out each trip too.

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    There is a wealth of info online from the States where the various dept of fisheries have really got gehind Arti's
    Look at
    Compiled by the Artificial Reef Subcommittee of the Technical Coordinating committee Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission

    Fish Habitat Guideline FHG 006: Fisheries Guidelines for Fish-Friendly Structures

    I can send PDF copies of these if you cannot find them.


    A Proud Member of
    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    I read on a "certain WA" web site that they have a number of fish attraction devices members of "a certain club" have put in place.

    seem these devices are a tripod frame of PVC pipe glued together, the bottom filled with cement then covered with old net.

    reading between the lines thes seem to be insore devices rather than deep water locations.

    it occurs to me that a suitable site would be a relativly shallow there fore not navigable area with a rocky bottom.

    In theory of course.


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    Re: One Besser Block at a time!

    Quote Originally Posted by loophole View Post
    very good idea good luck trying to convince them

    Who do we ask???????

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