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    Question Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    Heading up the place I know where there are Jew...only problem the place is filled with sml Bream (15 - 25cm) and when you chuck your bait for Jew...the bloody things pick the baits off before the Jew can get to them!

    I am thinking of trying SP's for they shouldn't be affected by the Bream and the hard bodies I don't think will get deep enough for where they are holding.

    Anyone caught jew on SP's? If so, what ones would you recommend?

    Mike L.

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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    hey mate saw a show the other weekend where they wer pulling heaps of jew out from under this bridge on a gulp 4 inch swimming mullet.
    you coming to NPD on sunday for an arvo sess??

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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    yeah mate...Hope you don't mind me crashing the sess...

    I have some Squidgy fish in a few different colours...

    Have to see the accountant (wife) to see if I can get more All my other SP's are like 2-3in...not really big enough for 70-80cm Jew...

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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    Can't help on the SP side of things but you could try getting some big live baits. Big Whiting, Mullet and Squid usually last longer around the bream. Live Herring are a great Jew bait but you'll have the same problem with the bream and they're not to hardy.

    Just another option.

    Cheers Chris
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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    nar mate your not crashing, just maybe adding to the number embarrased fishos standing on the bank at npd cold and fishless but lets hope thats dosent happen.
    ive got a couple of mags at home with alot of jew info ill have a look thru them again tonight to see what everyone else is useing for them

    oh an i heard somewhere that yellow tail pike live or dead wer a gun bait also

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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    6 inch shads is what you want mate.....White is a very good colour also.


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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    Some of the bigger paddle tail squidgees deffinately work and the bream wont touch them colours thats another issue i alse think lighter colours are the go except in dirty water go for green/ yellow just my opinion mate..matt
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    Re: Soft Plastics for Mulloway/Jew?

    Have you tried catching bream (legal size of course) and using the filet's of them? Apparently bream wont eat there own. I don't know if thats true or not.

    Cheers, Mick.

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