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Thread: Lenthalls Dam

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    Re: Lenthalls Dam

    Gday Tod,
    Ill give you a call tomorrow sometime, talk to ya then.


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    Re: Lenthalls Dam

    WTF.......2007......Looks like this one has got through to the Keeper......Gee's I can't remember if I ever did go
    Good Mates....Good Food.....Good Fishing....Priceless

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    Re: Lenthalls Dam

    OK Another 3 years is up. Time to open this again.
    I'm thinking of giving Lenthalls a go when it warms up a bit. I'm aware that it's only 2 nights camping allowed so was tossing up whether to stay at Wongi Waterholes for a longer break so any advice would be appreciated.
    Q1) How far from Wongi campsite to the lake boat ramp?
    Q2) Is it worth taking a 'yak.?
    Q3) I've got a 4.5 Bluefin with 60 4 stroke. Can you leave the boat in the water o/night if camped at the lake. If yes would it be safe mid-week?
    Q4) What size Barra' would be the norm there? (I know. Hard question to answer)

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    Re: Lenthalls Dam

    Pretty Pleeeeeease.

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    Re: Lenthalls Dam

    Aah Well. I'll give a report when I get back. Probably Oct-Nov. 2013

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