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    Lightbulb south australian spear fishing?

    howdy folks
    ive been checking out the spear fishing scene online a bit today and it looks like a real goer. i dont know anyone who is really into it so i cant ask anyone else about it.
    does anyone know what the spear fishing is like in south australia? and where abouts the spots to do it are?
    i know about the restrictions and bans on certain areas of the coast
    any help would be great

    cheers schoey

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    Re: south australian spear fishing?

    the wetlands on salibury highway for caarp.
    ardrossan for mulloway.
    port victoria for ok sized king fish

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    Re: south australian spear fishing?

    Anywhere the White Pointers arent!!!

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    Re: south australian spear fishing?

    Speared fish + WPs........ no thanks!!!!

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