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Thread: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    My poor old floppy has gone floppy. The rubber is starting to go back to it's original constituent parts, but it's the first lure I used as a young fella, so it stays in my lure box for good luck.

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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    just been on the blower to my mate hes goin to get them out and get a few pics one of these days


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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    I don't have any floppys, but I have an old ABU Hi-Lo still on it's original card, a few timber Killalures still in thier vaccuum sealed packaging and a few other bits and pieces. Allways keep my eyes open at garage sales, markets and of course Ebay.


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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    The Rublex Flopy, was manufactured in France. The original Rubber model came in 3 sizes, medium small and large and was readily available in Australia in 3 colours. Green, Yellow and Orange. There was a salt water version manufactured which was Blue and Silver and fitted with Stainless Steel hooks, the same size as the large. Not available in Australia, my sister bought one for dad in the late '60's or early '70's in New Caledonia. The bib was adjustable on all models, with two positions for deep and shallow diving. I'm told they also work OK without the bib as a surface lure.
    The small green Flopy accounted for thousands of Redfin in Lake Hume when I was a kid.
    Popularity dropped off with the release of the Mud Bug and Big O lures, and the 5" and 6" Flatfish for the Cod guys.

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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    Got a Floppy?

    There are 2 mint NIB, 5 large and 5 medium like mint - and 2 medium/small slightly used 2 medium/small heavily used needing bibs.

    The 2 NIB are original Rublex Floppy in its Garcia packaging made in France but named a Lippy Lure.


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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    Excellent collection i had one about 41years ago,but i must say im offically jealous of your collection,well done.

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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    I owned them, fished them and lost them all. My lure fishing habits cost me so much when I was a teenager that I started to make some and they worked well too.

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    Re: Who Remembers Floppy Lures?

    I've just got these ones that are new, and a few old ones down the shed.


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