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    Re: 7 M Rollinator Real Facts.......

    hi tim just wondering what a 7.5 riptide with 6 mm bottom. is rated for in max hp
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    Re: 7 M Rollinator Real Facts.......

    Quote Originally Posted by julian1 View Post
    Now that sounds impressive, 400hp cruising at 27knots for total fuel burn of 37lph
    Yeh that aint happening Timi!! If you had twin 140 suki's on the back you might use 37L per/hr at 3700rpm but you aint getting that out of the 200 hp's
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    Re: 7 M Rollinator Real Facts.......


    It'll carry whatever is specified - the transom will be built to order.


    Yes, it may be pushing it. I've been reading tests of twin 200's, and I suspect it will be nearer the low to mid 40's, but let me dream, will ya???


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