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    My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    After seeing a number of Furphy Jaffle Irons selling for extremely high dollars of late I set out to find one. Little did I know that they are still around and available. Purchased mine at a small country store for $44.00. As soon as I can get around to seasoning it I am going to give it a go with pies and jaffles..

    Check out the photos below.


    The Furphy Jaffle Iron






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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    nice one dereck, i have just bought a furphy 12inch camp oven at a garage sale on the weekend and heard that they were expensive,got mine for 20BUCKS is that a bargain . cheers bdowdy

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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    What makes them better from any other Jaffle iron ??? Ive had mine for 15 years and can fault it ???? still cooks what I want and doesn't burn the crap out of anything as long as you watch what your doing
    cheers Darren

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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    bdowdy, good old 12" Australian Furphy's are currently selling between $400 and $500 so yep would say it was a bargain.

    Darren, right on it most likely wont cook any different it's the unique shape that is the attraction.


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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    hi dereck your gotta be kidding i didnt think they were worth that much, also picked up acouple of metters camp ovens are they any good as they dont seem as good as quality, have only just started cooking in camp ovens the last year or so and love it. cheers bdowdy...brett.

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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron


    I recently paid $250 for a good 9" Metters so yep they bring good money as well. Another brand that brings in good money is Falkirk.

    These things are becoming collectors items these days,


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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    thanks dereck for the help,as i said i think ive become a collector now, just cant go past a camp oven feed. cheers bdowdy

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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron

    Gidday Derek,
    I mentioned these to my sister after your other thread and she would love one of these to send over to her daughter in Africa (she's helping in an orphanage just at the moment). She was asked to send over something Australian that everyone could remember her by.
    Could you PM me the place where you got yours please??
    How do you 'season' them??
    PS you won't see it on ebay
    Cheers Scott
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: My New Furphy Jaffle Iron


    Sorry for the delay. Would suggest you contact Furphy direct. $38.00 plus postage.


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